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  1. ALI1

    Game crash

    Thx bro i hope it contains overgrown in it
  2. ALI1

    Game crash

    Thx @|HAX|LuThEr but it dosnt show anything
  3. ALI1

    Game crash

    Ok thx
  4. ALI1

    Game crash

    How do i get new map?
  5. ALI1

    Game crash

    This is something annoying is that i cant play overgrown map it just crashes my game and it gives an error like application thing that i cant see. I even tried it at 1.7 and still crashes the game is there anything to fix it?
  6. ALI1


    Guess this I come in a lot of different sizes. Sometimes, I drip a little. If you blow me, it feels really good. What am I?
  7. ALI1


  8. ALI1


    Thx bros for inspiring the nipples for more hard work
  9. ALI1

    that happens when you don't listen to me

    aaahhhh i dont like to talk or say anything but since this topic is here the only thing i can say is that there is hackers on server that are obviously hacking and its too damn obvious i reported them and told admins but i dont know how they dont see it like its just clear thise are annoying players needs to be thrown away from the server
  10. ALI1


    the Nipples are working hard but no one is helping the big nipples
  11. ALI1


    Welcome if u need to become a pro just pm so we play togethet and u teach u
  12. ALI1

    call of duty 4 New host new IP

    I hope this fix the problem where servers start apoearing again
  13. ALI1

    something To Share With Youll

    Im a guy who always says bad words i say them in ahort form i b3 doant warn and btw b3 always active and it always warns everyone so probably when ppl dont get warned because its down
  14. ALI1

    How to install mappacks in 1.0

    For what server?and does this work on 32bit because the others dont
  15. ALI1

    Wtf Admin !

    Yes sure i know but we always say bad words often but about the kick thing i realy dont know about that and its none od my buisness but hope it has a reason bec marcia is a good guy