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  1. Kills

    that much
  2. call of duty 4 Restrict numbers

    FFA is not nice to play now gun power is lost
  3. gunpower can whe get it back on FFA.Thanks


    How do i get my gun power back . In FFA and cross need som info . thanks
  5. Servers

    thank you Kevin
  6. Can you fix ffa cant play bullets dont work

  7. Gun power

    same problem here my bullits dont work
  8. what fils do i need to instal for the new  ffa.


  9. email

    Hello . you sent me a email . when i open it there is nothing in it . i have no permission. can you help me
  10. email

    Oke thanks Can you explain to me how to use those commands and what they do? Because I dont understand.
  11. email

  12. Aimbot

    pls tell me why the notis me all the time . I only play the game fair and dont use hacks. so what is the problem
  13. Aimbot