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  1. Lastone

    game lost

    Hello all. I can play the game again. My player fils were infected by citty ffa. So all my settlements are gone, and I have to start from the beginning. I hope to see you again soon
  2. Lastone

    game lost

    oke i can try thanks
  3. Lastone

    game lost

    Not working
  4. Lastone

    game lost

    Piko I did it as you told me. but the game still does not work. I have checked it and do not have an I.P ban. so I do not know how to do it anymore. with this I would like to thank you for all the help I have received. Thank you and goodbye
  5. Lastone

    game lost

    Hello Piko. I'm not good at software so I have to find someone who will help me with that. because I do not know about it. so that is waiting. translation googel
  6. Lastone

    game lost

    Thank you, but I'm afraid I have an IP ban, or something if you look at the pictures, that's all that's left of cod4. the whole game does not work anymore, so I can not play with dw anymore. reinstalling the game makes no sense because all servers do not work, in short, my game has been taken hostage. and I think that should not be possible
  7. Lastone

    game lost

    they do not answer my questions, so I think I have to say goodbye to you all. thank you for the beautiful time that I was able to experience with you. See you all. the best wishes for everyone. greetings Lastone
  8. Lastone

    game lost

    thanks thats the 1
  9. Lastone

    game lost

    i only ask for there web adres
  10. Lastone

    game lost

    this is whats left after i whas kickt out of server city ffa 1.0o the told me i never play the game again. now i need there web adres to ask why. so pls can som1 tell me there web adres . thanks
  11. Lastone

    call of duty 4 GUNPOWER

    bedankt jonges far jim help ik hoop dat ut goad wurkjen giet . dot ik jim dan lekker del knalle kin
  12. can you tell me why my gunpower is coplete lost.
  13. Lastone


    that much
  14. Lastone

    call of duty 4 Restrict numbers

    FFA is not nice to play now gun power is lost
  15. gunpower can whe get it back on FFA.Thanks