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  1. Camping on S&D

    I also agree with his comments : - \
  2. call of duty 4 DW vs DW #1

    Very good all Especially -=Dw=- I hope you have good moments together ;-)
  3. call of duty 4 DW vs DW #1

    Very good all Especially -=Dw=- I hope you have good moments together ;-)
  4. Version cod4

  5. dw tags

    i'm not a people of the united states you can also see my number
  6. dw tags

    my brother .my iranian i'am (Omid Ranjbar) i don't know why the U.S. stay tnx bro
  7. Version cod4

    the new version of the thee server you must also be. -=DW=- Call of duty 4 ver 1.8
  8. dw tags

    Report post ~~~~~~~~~ COPY THIS TO YOUR APPLICATION ~~~~~~~~~ Contact Information:+989382219660 Name:Omidranjbar Age:15 years old Location:Iran.Fars-shiraz Guid:001871f4 Game Information:Call of duty 4 Current Games:Cod4 InGame Nickname:log3n66 Current Servers:-=DW=-Search&destroy--=Dw=-Free fro all by... Time spent on our servers:[first seen;Sat.21/4/18(9:52)][Last seen:Fri.04/05/18(10:56)] Personal Information:im omidranjbar .my age 14 years old.i'm sunni in iran. I love your server. Why do you want to join -=DW=-?:for admin and server control. What do you think bring us, by joining -=DW=-?:... Have you ever been a part of a clan before?:yes, but i got out. Additional Info:favorite map(s):Backlot Favorite weapon(s):m5 ~~~~~~~~~ COPY THIS TO YOUR APPLICATION ~~~~~~~~~ Best Regards, The Staffs.
  9. dw tags

    سلام دوستان دوست دارم یک admin.you our.pleaseeee را قبول کنید