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  1. ;)


    1. Uzbek


      Nice :) but I don't care my stats anymore and learning sniper rushing, thats why it is ruined

      62 -=DW=-*UZB* Uzbekistan.png 61472 15041 1720 3476 3770 4.08696 1584.3
  2. watch your back, im climbing up the leaderboards quick ;)

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    2. KashanRaider


      how to get legit one then? @Uzbek

    3. Uzbek


      Legit key comes only with Licensed CD of the game, so legit key can be only bought.

    4. KashanRaider


      owwh @Uzbek anyways love u r game :d

  3. Turtle


    @Vicky Thanks man, I just got top 10 stats yesterday. Gonna get top 3 today.
  4. Turtle


    e hee, alot of SNITCHES around here. @PaRuSch . Joined the server for the first time in a while and i insta get quickscoped by people.
  5. Turtle


    @IAV4K I havent played all week i dont know how this post even started . I dont even have it binded i write !stats every time from habit. But then again I dont die that much . Aight ill tone it down a little and try not to write it so often.
  6. Turtle

    Competitive Team *maybe clickbait

    @IAV4K @GOODNIGHT @pascal @Eagle @eXe I say we do at this time http://itsalmo.st/#cod4time tag more people who want to play
  7. Turtle

    Competitive Team *maybe clickbait

    @IAV4K is there some ETA of when kevin will pull through with the clutch here or is he missing in action rn? also I don't know if anyone plays ESEA/faceit hubs but we can rank players on a leaderboard based the matches we play, that way it won't matter who's team your on, we can play multiple matches and we can make a board with who has the most elo from wins.
  8. Turtle

    Competitive Team *maybe clickbait

    Yea I had to google trans everything , it would be cool if the forum had a translator though.
  9. Turtle

    Competitive Team *maybe clickbait

    Aight since quite a few people want to join we will have an internal clan war between eachother, I think we have enough people to make that happen. We will have 2 teams Team Turtle vs Team @Uzbek That way it will be fair since we are the know major hitters . I got first on my pick, I choose @IAV4K. Your turn to pick someone we will then decide on a time later this week to play the match. Rules -SND bo3 -we will have map picks later -If someone you choose doesn't accept to play or cant play we start voting again from their order Goodluck goodnight you will need it !rstats We will then use stats, comments, and overall performance to make a judgement for who will play on comp team vs eather =h4x= or -xG*
  10. I don't know how many other teams there are but It would be cool to setup a competitive team I have seen some good players @L. Jethro Gibbs @Uzbek @Eagle and others which could definitely put up a fight. In MW2 back in the day clan wars would be common and a lot of fun and I think it would bring some new competitive spirit to dw.
  11. Turtle

    voice chat on popular servers

    Yea I personally know how to and have spammed music on my microphone soooo this wouldn't be a great idea . I can already hear the darude sandstorm
  12. Hi, When I write !stats on the servers it only works for me on that hardcore crossfire server Otherwise it tells me I dont have permission and when I write !register it tells me im a level above. Thank you Turtle
  13. Turtle


    Yo i can see your making multiple posts at once so you can get to 15 posts and apply for the clan. Please stop its against the rules.
  14. Turtle

    Hello there