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  1. Admin Abuse

    I never argued with him that's why I made this post.
  2. Admin Abuse

    @DoN While you'r comment on my abuse of !stats might be true. I believe your investigating the wrong issue here. I no doubt have abused the system with my !stats yesterday night when I got my first ban from Piggy. What my main problem for concern is the actions which took place today. I did not provoke the admin and yet I get a ban for Rule 3. I don't see that as fair. Thats where I think your missing the point here. You claim "I stay with the ban... @Turtle must learn not to do this unnatural !stats check" But I didnt get banned for checking stats and I have already learned this lesson. So my question is why did I get banned today?
  3. Admin Abuse

  4. Admin Abuse

    Porky pig is admin abusing https://gyazo.com/4aea287d3fc30dbf1b07f46eb82c1209 https://gyazo.com/76ab16a527e0174c3afb59de9ca15f13 He banned 2 people in the span of 10 minutes while I was on the server. I personally feel all were unjustly admin abusive bans. He banned me yesterday as well for writing !stats one too many times, which I believe wasn't necessary. I didnt argue with porky but he wrote !warn turtle rule 3 twice in a row and got me banned quick. He also changed his name its now JoseyWales http://dwarea.com/clientdetails.php?id=1101
  5. aw man I missed it, is there gonna be more giveaways in the future?
  6. Tooltips for flags

    Insane, absolutely revolutionary
  7. image of weapons

    Are other languages allowed on the forums?
  8. call of duty 4 Stats K/D/H graph

    i wish it showed skill stats aswell
  9. Congrats on the promotion

  10. call of duty 4 Kick/Ban for spam

    But then how else would I complete my ocd
  11. Hey so I got a few problems, first of all on the website it says im playing on another account which im not anymore secondly there are some other people probably using the same cd key as me so I got some randoms messing with my stats. Is there a way I can change my cd key and keep my stats.
  12. <3 Love <3

    Feels bad bro, here some sad music for you to think about
  13. Can we make it so that u cant get banned for writing !stats, I personally use the command a lot and some admin (not gonna name anyone) temp-banned me because I used it too many times.
  14. :haha::haha:Ban incoming, now he just needs to make a movie of my wallbangs






    2. Uzbek


      I couldn't find information about ur ban, but even if u were banned I can not help u. U need make Ban Appeal.

  15. Server info

    Hey so where is the server hosted? i get 17 ping to it from Bulgaria which is pretty nice.