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  1. Kevin

    CoD4 KeyGenerator

    Version 1.0.0


    You have a cracked game? but your cd key is used by several players? With this key generator, it generates a new key, which will not be used by any player
  2. Hello everyone, For the world cup, I decided to create a fun server -=DW=- FootBall 2018 WWW.DWAREA.COM PASSWORD : mappack Do not forget to play on this server you need to download the map manually : 64bits: http://dwarea.com/football2.zip 32bits : http://dwarea.com/football32.zip Just press install and it will install in your cod directory When download has finished it will ask you if you want to autoconnect to server If you want to auto connect then press 1 and enter, if not press 0 and enter If you pressed 0 then Open cod4, open console And write this: /connect;password mappack Virus scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/adf89e8ab3d2bef25e9f702b5d4604914bf81b726217e08e1c5e5c1f66bce36a/detection
  3. Kevin

    call of duty 4 New Server FootBall 2018

    go to option meno to allow the download
  4. Kevin

    Who is the FRENCH BAGUETTE

    Enfin un autre français Bienvenue à toi, welcome
  5. Kevin

    call of duty 4 New Server FootBall 2018

    type this in console : connect;password mappack or search the server in cod4 list and put the password manually
  6. Kevin

    call of duty 4 New Server FootBall 2018

    fixed redownload the link pls
  7. Kevin

    forum New donation (piko)

    Hello, We are pleased to announce a donation from @piko 5€ A big thanks to him
  8. Hello everyone, I decided to create a deathrun server, in 1.0? Yes, but you have to install the mappack for it to work. How to connect? Type this on console :;password mappack How to download the mappack? Just download this http://dwarea.com/mappack.zip and press the install.exe or install32.exe for windows 32bits https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/4b9327f25027f594cf30b8fd7141662deea6fdc339a7db945adf22cd74b60764/detection For the moment only 2maps are added Edit : Updated the mappack.zip, fixed a bug to not download the same maps that you already have.
  9. test run the 64bits version
  10. Hello everyone, How did you see it last week the forum and our servers were down. The reason for this? I wanted to update the version that manages the site (php 7.0 => 7.2.1), unfortunately the update does not know well done, which caused a lot of errors, I look for times to correct its mistakes, but without success. I searched all night, I did not sleep for 24 hours, and unfortunately at the end of the day, I made an cmd that deleted all files from the servers and our backup system, too tired, and I acted like a big noob. Since our backup system had no backup, I had backups on my PC, I made an upload with my personal connection of all files servers and site, which took time, I only have 5Mb/s upload. For the moment? Our servers are online, and the site too, here I corrected the pages that did not want to appear, the players page and stats for example. Here I take care to put b3 online, it will be available at the end of the day. Here I ask you to forgive me, I know that I am a noob
  11. Map pack updated : http://dwarea.com/mappack.zip added a option for auto connect to the server
  12. Kevin

    BAD ads

    The advertising system is adsense, we do not decide which ads appear on the site. The system works in relation to your research, me for example I have motorcycle ads.
  13. Kevin

    The admins need know other lenguage

    In any case we are an English team. I do not speak very good English, I am French, but I force myself to speak English.
  14. Kevin

    Heroic's random gameplay xD

    No nuke? gg
  15. Kevin

    Ramadan Mubarak <3

    Hello. I prefer censored this post, considering the number of religion in the team, I would not want to have any problem with the members. Sorry.
  16. Kevin

    Admin Abuse

  17. Kevin

    SK|FER cheating

    No recoil 100% lol
  18. Kevin

    call of duty 4 ads

  19. Kevin

    graysnow graysnow admin miss behave

    We are sorry, if that offends you, it should not be reproduced anymore.
  20. Kevin

    graysnow graysnow admin miss behave

    Even if it was a joke, you still have to watch your langauge. Or you connected to a private server Closed
  21. Kevin

    graysnow graysnow admin miss behave

    You can not, you're a rookie
  22. Kevin

    call of duty 4 DW vs DW #1

    Today @Heroic has prepared an event, thank you for organizing it. I really liked it, it's been a long time since we played together. Unfortunately everyone was not there, I hope you will be there, the next time.
  23. it's an old cod4 bug, it's when a player shoots with the rpg, and the missile did not explode.