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  1. Kevin

    CoD4 KeyGenerator

    Version 1.0.0


    You have a cracked game? but your cd key is used by several players? With this key generator, it generates a new key, which will not be used by any player
  2. Hello everyone, We will soon change host, our IP will change the new IP will be hosted by google. I added a server in test -=DW=- Search & Destroy By WWW.DWAREA.COM The old servers are still active 30 days, after the 30 days we will lost the ip All the servers will be on the ip I will also add servers in the USA, this way we will be able to satisfy a maximum of players for their ping.
  3. Kevin

    forum Donate

    Hello everyone, We need your help to keep our servers online. Any donation will be welcome Thank you
  4. Kevin

    call of duty 4 New host new IP

    Yes the new server is hosted in the same country as the old one
  5. Kevin

    forum New panel

    Hello everyone, We decided to develop a new panel for our players, for now this panel is in beta, once the final version the source code will be available for the public for the other teams. You can find the panel on this link http://panel.dwarea.com it is possible that you find bugs, if you have bugs thank you to answer on this topic. Several new options are available, you can customize your photo b3 for example E.G http://panel.dwarea.com/client.php?cid=574, or you can now see the stats on your favorite maps. I let you discover the panel
  6. Kevin

    CoD4 KeyGenerator

    CoD4 KeyGenerator View File You have a cracked game? but your cd key is used by several players? With this key generator, it generates a new key, which will not be used by any player No forgot all crack, keygent is detected by Anti-Virus. Submitter Kevin Submitted 12/15/17 Category Tools
  7. Kevin

    call of duty 4 addition of maps

    broadcast,creek and chinatown = 1.7 our server run the version on 1.0 sorry
  8. Kevin

    forum New panel

    Hello everyone, As you could see we have changed the panel for our players and admin. You now have several new options, on the home page you have the status of our servers You have on your right a graph of the players online per day, or per week. You also have a page that displays players online on our servers, this way you can find your friends more easily A page that informs all players register on our servers. You also have a page with the stats of the players, with a banner that displays the best player A page that displays the most played maps of our servers, we have for sure Crossfire in Top 1, we have two server 24/7 Crossfire. You also have the list of players banned from our servers, respect our rules, you will never be on this list :D Now let's go to the profile page of a player, on this page you have all your information, or the information of a specified player. You have the stats, which shows the number of kills, deaths, your ratio, or even the best maps you played and your weapons. I leave you to discover the rest of the panel, if you have any idea, said here
  9. Kevin

    forum New panel

    I do not understand what do you mean This system is soon finished An update this morning of the database, the config file is returned by default, the max user by default is 100, I fixed this problem
  10. Kevin

    forum New panel

    you are with your 4G, you must use the same IP as when you come on our servers
  11. Kevin

    forum New panel

    Unfortunately, since you have the same IP this shows a profile and not two. What I just did, it now shows the last profile connected to our servers. For example if you are the last connected to your brother, it displays your profile first.
  12. Kevin

    forum New panel

    it's normal, for now I tested with my ID, suddenly it shows my stats to everyone
  13. Kevin

    forum New panel

    fixed too, and i added weapons stats on profile
  14. Kevin

    forum New panel

    Fixed thx
  15. Kevin

    call of duty 4 Auto ban dilemma

    All warns removed ;)
  16. Kevin

    you can ignore if you want xD

    Members are not allowed to post html code in posts, but only admin are allowed
  17. Kevin

    forum Discord

    Hello everyone, As you can see, we have a discord server, you can join via this link : https://discord.gg/bQsD584 On this discord, you can find our members, or the players of our servers, and you can talk together. What's new, you can now also in a cod4 server type the command !discord this will warn your friends that you played on the server. Several commands are also available via the discord server !fps (this gives you permission to have this command on our cod4 servers) !online (this allows you to see where our DW players are playing right now) !ip (This command allows you to know the IP of our servers) !ban (This displays the list of the last 5 banned players from our servers) !find name (This command allows you to find the information of a player.) Do not hesitate to join us on discord
  18. Kevin

    call of duty 4 Server down

    Hello everyone, As you can see, our servers are out of order, why? Apparently for the first time my bank refused the automatic payment to pay the server without informing me, so the server does not pay on time. I just made the payment manually, unfortunately our host is in France and my payment comes from Belgium, suddenly we will have to wait 24 hours max without server. I sent the proof of payment, see if they can activate the server the time of the payment Please accept my apologies for this problem. Stay connected to our discord to be informed. https://discordapp.com/invite/JHujA5?utm_source=Discord Widget&utm_medium=Connect
  19. Kevin

    call of duty 4 Server down

    All servers are back online, please excuse me for this problem
  20. Hello everyone, For the world cup, I decided to create a fun server -=DW=- FootBall 2018 WWW.DWAREA.COM PASSWORD : mappack Do not forget to play on this server you need to download the map manually : 64bits: http://dwarea.com/football2.zip 32bits : http://dwarea.com/football32.zip Just press install and it will install in your cod directory When download has finished it will ask you if you want to autoconnect to server If you want to auto connect then press 1 and enter, if not press 0 and enter If you pressed 0 then Open cod4, open console And write this: /connect;password mappack Virus scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/adf89e8ab3d2bef25e9f702b5d4604914bf81b726217e08e1c5e5c1f66bce36a/detection
  21. Kevin

    need help ?

    just tested and working for me
  22. Kevin

    Soccer World cup

    Belgium :D
  23. Kevin

    call of duty 4 New Server FootBall 2018

    go to option meno to allow the download
  24. Kevin

    Who is the FRENCH BAGUETTE

    Enfin un autre français Bienvenue à toi, welcome
  25. Kevin

    call of duty 4 New Server FootBall 2018

    type this in console : connect;password mappack or search the server in cod4 list and put the password manually