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  1. New Zombie Server

    Update: Added an anti jump script Added an anti camping script The server stats are separate from our other servers, you can use the command !stats or you have to go to your B3 profile. You now have the opportunity to use a zombie banner in your signiature, you have to go to your B3 profile.
  2. why midcore?

    and now?.
  3. why midcore?

  4. why midcore?

    I will change something, tell me if it works on the next map
  5. why midcore?

    Nah this is no possible the health no changed.
  6. why midcore?

    I do not understand what you mean, the life of the players did not change, can you tell me on which server?
  7. why midcore?

    ??? midcore? pls send more infos
  8. New Zombie Server

    New zombie server, after several requests from our players, the server is finally open. -=DW=- Zombie Fun By WWW.DWAREA.COM
  9. Maintenance

    Nop only the game server.
  10. Maintenance

    Hello all, A maintenance will be performed on our servers tonight, our servers will be down 30 to 40 minutes time to do maintenance. When our servers appear offline it means that maintenance has started. Kevinos.
  11. Сюда  заявки писать?




      Напишите приложение по этой ссылке здесь и выполните следующие действия:

  12. UsmanMAni

  13. my intro <3

    Hello and welcome to the forum
  14. #2 DW Server down

    Comment by OVH - Wednesday, 06 December 2017, 21:49 PM Good evening, On November 9, we encountered a big problem on our optical network at RBX. The problem was related to a software bug on the equipment we use which caused the deletion of the configuration. Since then we have updated the equipment on everything our network. Also to prevent this type of bug from never again causes a worry about our DCs, we have decided to divide equipment clusters into 3 on the RBX website. So, if we ever have again this bug, the configuration would only impact 30% traffic. During the preparation of the maintenance that was to start at 23:00, the configuration disappeared again at 8:20 pm and all the links were down again. !!!!! The database has been deleted while we are using the latest software version. So there is another bug! We quickly returned the configuration. Some links have returned, but not yet all. Currently traffic passes Paris> GRA> AMS> RBX instead of directly Paris> RBX. Hence the important latencies. We look with Cisco to understand why all the links are not UP while the configuration was delivery to RBX. We are not going to do the intervention tonight. I want to understand why the configuration fades and how can we do this maintenance without again have the least concern about production! Sincerely Octave
  15. #2 DW Server down

    Hello all, Our host has a problem on the network, you can not play for now. Several routers that manage the network infrastructure are down. I'll let you know about the situation on this post. work of our host (french page) We are sorry for the inconvenience. OVH HOSTER : Comment by OVH - Wednesday, 06 December 2017, 21:01 PM We confirm a concern with the Roubaix optical node. Comment by OVH - Wednesday, 06 December 2017, 21:18 PM We are going back 100G links to RBX. For now, we find a saturation between RBX and AMS. Comment by OVH - Wednesday, 06 December 2017, 21:32 PM We are cutting AMSIX / Worldstream temporarily.