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    Admiral (Banned)

    Hello everyone, To announce that we banned one of our members, we saw that this member was a cheater, they used other guides with the same IP to cheater on our servers. He also create several account on the forum, to give this reputation points (kid?) Unfortunately, we can not detect all the cheater, but we are doing our best to ban a maximum. I thank @eXe & @DoN for their work in this 007 investigation The Staff
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    Hey all So i was extremely bored so i decided to design some badges for Dreamland Watertown groups . Red admin (100): Head Admin (80): Server Admin (60) Rookie Admin(40) Member(10) Forum Users: Thanks for viewing Ps: Criticism is allowed ,i was bored when i made this is there is a chance i was being dumb with the design
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    Merry Christmas.

    Hello everyone, First of all, the DW wish you a merry Christmas, and a happy New Year's Eve party. It's been 11 years since Christmas with this team and some players, we spent 11 years as AR 51 and now we are going to 12 years as DW. We've been through things all these years, we've got great members and admins, with whom I've managed this team Substanz, Scott as Red Admin, and all their jobs that made this team what is now. Have a great holiday with the family, and dropped one can your PC Ps : This message is a little early, I would not do it tomorrow, I'm away for 2 days
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    Fake Dw Servers !!

    Hey All Recently some noob created re-direct servers with our name on it ...these are all fake servers Do not enter these servers at All !! There are viruses on the fake servers that will damage your computer We strongly urge all players to connect to our servers via ip : Here is a list of Our servers with their ips : Server Name Ip Adress -=DW=-Search and Destroy -=DW=-Hardcore Crossfire Only -=DW=-Softcore Crossfire only -=DW=- Free for All -=DW=- Softcore All maps -=DW=-Hardcore All maps -=DW=- Zombies How to connect via ip : Open your console by pressing "~" and then type in console : /connect <ip Address> Here is a Complete list of all our servers http://dwarea.com/servers/ Thank you for your Compliance This matter will be resolved ASAP Happy Fragging ~Staff
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    New comands !regfps & !regfov

    Hi guys, Kevin developed 4 new comands. !regfps >> This register on our B3 database if you want fullbright ON/OFF !unregfps >>This UN-register your previously setting about fullbright from database !regfov >>This register in our B3 database if you want high fov ON/OFF !unregfov >>This UN-register your previously setting about fov from database All the times that you reconnect to our servers B3 will put your saved fullbright/fov settings. Kevin created this to delete chat spam in game. So please use it. Thanks !
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    -=DW=- Zombie Intro

    Good viewing
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    CoD4 KeyGenerator

    CoD4 KeyGenerator View File You have a cracked game? but your cd key is used by several players? With this key generator, it generates a new key, which will not be used by any player No forgot all crack, keygent is detected by Anti-Virus. Submitter Kevin Submitted 12/15/17 Category Tools
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    How to get fps & fov

    Hey guys I made a short video to show how to put the fps & fov for all people who ask how to add it since 2 days
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    Hey Everyone.. I am here to give you a little advise as an admin and as a matured person. this is just for those who need.. In these years of these servers we found a lot of hackers, cheaters, offended players and fake people. what we do with them is Ban them, Temp ban them or Warn them for the scale of what they did. Do you know why we do that? here is one of reasons why we do it : Most of players play here are Just kids which new comers to the Society. For most of them this is just a game and this forum is just a place they can meet people. But, its not the only thing happens here. This is the Base some of those kids introduce to society. This is the best place to learn Life and Gift a better person for the future... This is a place you can learn how #to follow rules #to be a good Leader #to Be a truthful person #to be a Friendly person #to earn friends #to earn good reputation among society and so many good things you can do.. But unfortunately there are some people try to be the opposite of those. To be hackers, Cheaters, lyres ect... Once we found people like that we try to talk to them to let them know what they do is bad and punishable. Some people listen. they are the people learn from their mistakes. But some people don't. That's where we have to punish them to give them a warning what they did was wrong. Make them think before doing another mistake. What we do is not personal. We really do is letting you know that you cant break a rule and get away. Its how world goes. You can never hide. We all have to follow rules or face consequences of breaking rules. Once before breaking rule we have a choice, only thing we have to do is just to take the right decision. Finally i have to tell you that If some one banned from our servers or you are in a temp ban; Just learn from them. Don't break rules and stop lying. Try not to do the same mistake over and over again after a punishment.. DW is just a small society but someday you have to face a Bigger world which punishments are also BIG. Lets learn from here. Face the world as a better person. Make a Beautiful future for our kid and all the living beings. Talk to us.. We will always be here to help you.. If one person can change how you think reading this its the only win win situation for me, that knowing i could change somone to be better... let us start in here, at -=DW=- Cheers...
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    New Zombie Server

    New zombie server, after several requests from our players, the server is finally open. -=DW=- Zombie Fun By WWW.DWAREA.COM
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    Admiral (Banned)

    Admiral and all his fake accounts :
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    Forum options (Games)

    Hello everyone, As you may have noticed, several things have changed on the forum, as we are going to host a new game (Battalion 1944), I was forced to group the options of each game into one menu. It will be easier for us to identify the players in this order, for example the notice board, found in the menu Call of Duty 4, as well as all the options that go with CoD4. Also a new option appeared when you made a new topic, for example in the recruitment request / Ban Reports, Ban Appeals, you can select the prefix of your game. I'll let you know for the rest of the next days
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    World War 2 multiplayer FPS Battalion 1944 will be coming to Early access on February 1st! Add to your Steam wishlist here: http://steamcommunity.com/games/489940 Sign-up to the closed beta here: http://beta.battaliongame.com
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    Why do we call it a building if its already built ?
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    Map Backlot Snow 1.0 Server

    Want to play on this map? Just download this, and click on the install.exe : http://dwarea.com/cod4/mappack.zip Server IP : Password mappack Fast Connect via console : /connect;password mappack If you have any errors please tell me here.
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    How to install mappacks in 1.0

    Download the mappack from here: http://dwarea.com/cod4/mappack4.zip Extract it anywhere, and run INSTALL.exe Wait for download finish /connect;password mappack /connect;password mappack Enjoy.
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    Map Backlot Snow 1.0 Server

    woow.. all lights off.. check this selfie :
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    Admiral (Banned)

    This is a perfect example for everyone try to fake them selves, break rules and try to ban evade.. We will be in alert and justice will be served.. Thanks for our leading admins for going trough all these and showing us you are the rule keepers
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    Reset stats & aliases

    Hello everyone, You can now reset your stats or aliases, to do this, you must go to your personal page B3 on our site, or click on (View more details) on the homepage of the website on your right (B3 Info). I take the opportunity to thank all the players who still plays on our servers, and who are more and more to come on the forum, i do not know if you noticed it, but 4 days ago we have 85 members connected to the site, this record had not been beaten since 2015 And if we are more numerous, it is thanks to all our admins who cleans our servers The Staff
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    This is for the RA HA SA <3

    RA HA
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    DW Servers under attack

    Hello all, after recent problems on servers i'm here to make you know that our servers are been attacked. That caused game crashes and lag. We are currently working to trying to find a solution for this problem. We will let you know when the problem will be solved. Thanks andreadb98
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    My (2nd) Intro!

    Hello everyone! I am Roman (taken from my old name "RomanEmpire" since I used to love reading about it), I used to be here, I joined this clan when it was called AR 51 at June 2016, and became an admin as well here, however due to reasons that occurred I left the membership/admin-ship. I was curious to see what the original clan where I met my friends, I felt nostalgic regardless of all that happened (Note: I don't hold personal grudges to anyone here ) I have recently been back to COD4 after 4 months of leaving it. I look forward to play with the old friends here and meet new friends here as well! Personal informations: I am from Lebanon from Byblos. I love Soccer and as well studying (don't ask ), I guess this is it! If you want to ask anything, then just go for it Regards, Roman.
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    Happy New Year.

    Happy New Year to all our members, and all our players, good health to you and your family
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    DW Servers under attack

    All this because we are the best servers in the Cod4 ! ... I am sure that this problem will be solved soon
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    Confusing Intro

    Hello, I'm nN|Doge. I used to be a -=DW=- Rookie Admin back in 2014. My account on this forum used to be owned by somoene else. But it's now in my hands and has been renamed (Thanks to Kevin). The truth is, there used to be two of us on this PC using two different keys. I taught a close friend of mine how to be play on S&D but they have since quit. (I'm sure some of you know who!) About me: I'm a low skilled player who enjoys HC servers and promod. I'm an Admin for NoName (Another CoD4 / Gaming Team). I've played this game since 2010, used to play on your Deathrun server exclusively. Also I'm looking forward to Battalion 1944 Releasing! Your new website and servers are looking as good as ever. Well done! I will see you in game soon, but I have lost the piece of paper with my CD Key on lol...
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    Merry X-Mas everyvbody!

    Merry X-Mas everyvbody!
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    Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas fellas! may the new year bring us many more fraggings and longer healhs
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    TDM Tournament

    This is a good idea. We can do it. I'm the only one who like high jump?
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    stats explanation

    Hey @redtiger Here are some of the explanations : Team Kills : The act of killing a member of your own team, since friendly fire in our servers is not enabled,this basically means when you shoot at your team or throw a nade at your teammate accidentally ofc Skill : Skill is a complicated thing. In XLRstats it indicates your actual level of how good you are. Our basic skillcalculation formula is taken from the scientific method used in more online competitions like chess and online tacticall games (ELO). Because this game is not exactly chess we had to modify it so it works for our game. We've added penalties and weaponmodifiers so there is a way to include them in the calculation. We also added a team-work factor in the calculation to award teamplay. Your skill increases when you kill, it decreases when you die. Keep the next things in mind when playing for skill: K/D Ratio: Ratio is the number of kills divided by the number of deaths. So if you kill 10 players, and get shot 10 times, your ratio is 1. Hence, a ratio higher than 1 is a good thing (more kills than deaths), and a ratio between 0 and 1 indicates that you need some practice (more deaths than kills). Assists: This is when you shoot at a player and you don't kill them but your teammate does ,this is an assist (+3 ) is given Team deaths : You were last man standing and you let your team down The rest are self-explanatory
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    COD 4 MW

    Try this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_9nkjtSdsw
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    Cause I love snipers and I think people should know more information of snipers and not just the information that they know from games
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    Barret .50cal for me...
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    Which is the best sniper.
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    Our future

    Hello all, Following the problems in 1.0, I decided to leave only 3 servers in online. (SD & Hardcore Cross & FFA) Soon, the new game battaliongame will be released, and we will leave on this game, of course, will leave us our cod4 servers online. What is battaliongame? => http://battaliongame.com The game will cost only 15 € at its release. I hope that many of you will follow us
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    Im back

    Hi guys i have found my solution to my lag, thanks to one of the most best admins ever IAV4K. I just wanna thank IAV4K with helping me out with my problem Now im back in action again
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    DW Servers under attack

    i think we're getting close to finding out what's causing the crash, but we'll see. in the meantime get a chair i'll show you my ninja moves.
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    DW Servers under attack

    All this because we are the best servers in the Cod4 ! ... I am sure that this problem will be solved soon that's right bro......!!!
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    Make snd better!

    Go to the knife only server
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    hey guys my name is spidey.......i come from 1.8 i played there 1 year then i switched my pc now i play in 1.0 then i saw DW it is a very nice clan ...and i love all it's server's hoping to join soon regards, -Spidey
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    -=DW=- Zombie Intro

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    I didnt watch it dont know why i am thinking that it is not good
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    #2 DW Server down

    Hello all, Our host has a problem on the network, you can not play for now. Several routers that manage the network infrastructure are down. I'll let you know about the situation on this post. work of our host (french page) http://travaux.ovh.net/?do=details&id=28864 We are sorry for the inconvenience. OVH HOSTER : Comment by OVH - Wednesday, 06 December 2017, 21:01 PM We confirm a concern with the Roubaix optical node. Comment by OVH - Wednesday, 06 December 2017, 21:18 PM We are going back 100G links to RBX. For now, we find a saturation between RBX and AMS. Comment by OVH - Wednesday, 06 December 2017, 21:32 PM We are cutting AMSIX / Worldstream temporarily.
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    Crazy Suggestion!!

    Hello @Mythical Thank you for the suggestion Unfortuantely this is nearly impossible without having to create a mod (as ninja said )and running mods on v1.0 gives headaches ,also creating mod like this will be time consuming and will be a heavy download as custom sounds will be needed
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    New options and corrections.

    Hello all, As you may have noticed several changes were brought to our servers (For the time being tested on two servers). Several corrections and several additions : Fix : 1: You can now change team without waiting for 5 seconds, anti nade switching. 2: Correction of the message when the team balance activates, the seconds is displayed instead of special characters. 3: Fixed a display bug for the killcams when the bomb explodes on the SD (The player did not show up). Add : 1: We have just added a mod prestige you can activate it with the command !prestige , it adds 10 prestige to your level by default of the game. When you activate the mod prestige, you but level 1, but with prestige 1, with that you have again 55 level to pass prestige 2. Screenshot at the end of the post. 2: Duck to think about adding several new killstreak, for you, following several players request 10 Kills Streak = Predator. 12 Kills Streak = Radar to see the enemies. 14 Kills Streak = Carepackage a helicopter that sends you a package with a random killstreak. 16 Kills Streak = Artillery this killstreak send several bombs on the target you chose. 18 Kills Streak = Strafe this killstreak calls 4 helicopter that flies over the map in a 10 second interval. 20 Kills Streak = Ac130 3: Adding a first blood option, this option displays a message when a player kills the first victim on the round. 4: Elevator Jump, this option detect if a player uses the bug to make an elevator, the player will be automatically put in spectator. 5: NadeSwitch, this option detect if a player throws a grenade and changes team, the grenade will be removed from the game automatically. Do not forget that if you find a bug, come and tell us on the forum, as well if you have any suggestions. Prestige screenshot.
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    You keep trying and trying and trying and working and working and give all your life time to it but at the and you well find your self at the lowest rank ,why am i doing this again ? 1 year of the hard work is vanish hard ha?
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    Welcome to the forum.. hope you will enjoy stay
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    New options and corrections.

    Video about all new killstreak