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    DW vs DW #1

    Today @Heroic has prepared an event, thank you for organizing it. I really liked it, it's been a long time since we played together. Unfortunately everyone was not there, I hope you will be there, the next time.
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    -If u have crazy friends.. Then you have everything @ROnNiE @piko @SpOoKy @IAV4K @KashanRaider @FNATIC @GOODNIGHT @Umar93 @-=DW=-Cpt Wish @SniperWolf23 @Police @Mythical @WinterWolf @ArcBee @OUCH @pascal @Uzbek @DoN @shutup!! @andreadb98 @Sh!4 @[eYe]WoLfY @Ninja @LyNx if i forgot to mention someone here sorry! Thankx for being a part of mah life!
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    VPN & Proxy Blocked

    Hello everyone, We have implemented a system that detects players using VPNs or proxies. You can no longer play on our servers with this system. I also added the system stopforumspam.com on the servers, if your IP is in this list, you will automatically kick from the server. Why did we add this system? Many cheaters use vpn services when they ban from our servers.
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    A nuke? :)

    Little question, I add the nuke on the servers? This killed everyone on the map
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    Love can change the world but what do i know https://youtu.be/6B9J3lEyffA
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    Server Rules

    Rule #0: No Hack/Cheat/Script, Glitch, Nadeswitch or Jump Rule #1: No racism of any kind Rule #2: No clan stacking, members must split evenly between the teams Rule #3: No arguing with admins (listen and learn or leave) Rule #4: No abusive behavior towards admins or other players Rule #5: No offensive or potentially offensive names, annoying names Rule #6: No recruiting for your clan, your server, or anything else Rule #7: No advertising or spamming of websites or servers Rule #8: No profanity or offensive language (in any language) Rule #9: Offensive players must play for the objective and support their team Rule #10: Purposefully exploiting game mechanics, this includes glitching and exploiting Bugs If you have any concerns/queries feel free to contact one of our Staff
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    Sometimes the greatest way to say something is to say nothing at all JT
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    So, can someone please advise Turtle how to check his stats without him spamming every 15 seconds?
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    After Thorugh Discussion With Other Head Admins In Private, We've Decided To Not Only Remove His Level 40 (Rookie Admin), But Also Kick Fauji From The Clan Due To His Abusive Behaviour/Lack Of Respect Toward Other Admins And In General. We Agreed That This Was Not Admin Abuse, Exe Followed The Rules And The Warnings & The Ban Was Justified. We Carefully Looked At The Provided Evidence And Made This Decision.
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    DW vs DW #1

    thankx the honour is mine count this topic as my award no need of award this topic has won my heart <3 luv u @Kevin @IAV4K
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    "To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man." -Hamlet
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    New Server Death Run in 1.0

    Hello everyone, I decided to create a deathrun server, in 1.0? Yes, but you have to install the mappack for it to work. How to connect? Type this on console :;password mappack How to download the mappack? Just download this http://dwarea.com/cod4/mappack2.zip and press the install.exe or install32.exe for windows 32bits https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/4b9327f25027f594cf30b8fd7141662deea6fdc339a7db945adf22cd74b60764/detection For the moment only 2maps are added Edit : Updated the mappack.zip, fixed a bug to not download the same maps that you already have.
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    New Head admins Level 80

    Hello All I am pleased to announce that @Segria joins the Head Admin (80) Given the job he does for the team, he deserves this level. Congratulations Welcome to the pro 80
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    Wifi password :o

    So a guy recently asked me for my wifi password.So he want to have my password and he asked me nicely i answered GOD DAMN NOOOOOOO!!! He looked at me like he saw a ghost and said man i only asked you for a wifi password, you dont need to shout on me so he asked me again nicely and i answered again GOD DAMN NOOOOOOO!!! So the guy gave up. HIT LIKE IF YOU GET IT BOYSSSS!!!!
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    New Head admins Level 80

    Thank you guys for having faith in me, I’ll try my best to live up to this new title!
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    Attention!!! Playboy Alert!!! Call 911!!!

    Ive tried to understand what they have been talking about for the last 3 topics, chicken etc, but just looses it after reading some of the replys Now I stopped reading them all haha
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    You are not close to having as much hours of this game as others. So please if you talk about something like ingame sounds, hearing people or wallbanging, consider that there are spots you usually just shoot at because an enemy could be there. I even can roughly guess how fast someone will go and where he will end up behind the wall. That's what experience in this game will bring you. On a related note: Stop cursing if you really want something to change/happen. No one will EVER take you serious if you are just crying without bringing any arguments, and explaining what they are really about. If you had a bad day, I can totally understand that but please, don't just swear and rage. You'll get nothing out of it. I don't know what happened or how you got in this situation (mostly because instead of telling us you just flamed eXe) so I can't judge who's right. About using "Ghost" names (using a fake name so people won't recognize you): It's pretty common, as an admin you get the feel of the people on the server and usually the people are acting "normally" around you, instead of holding bad words or other things back, to not be banned. So get used to that, I did that all the time when I had a clan just to check people and play without getting annoyed by others, asking me to ban people. Tl;Dr: Chill for a bit, think about what happened and what you could've done differently (like playing wise), then come back and talk with some respect towards others. I know this is the internet but what you just did is kinda too much.
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    A nuke? :)

    added to all servers need 40 kills streak
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    Hey, Thank u all for 50+ followers i know i'm ur hero that's why u follow meh! thankx for having faith in meh! i won't let u guys down xd! -Hero!c
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    strong and handsome

    Strong. and handsome ....are you describing me ?
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    Nice pic! 

    Nice pic!
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    I will activate a system that detects glitch, it will be added in the day
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    Yep I think lived under the rock for too long The younger generations are weird now
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    Attention!!! Playboy Alert!!! Call 911!!!

    Sometimes what you guys talk about just dumbfounds me I am just baffled...
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    get rekt

    Good job, but what’s the point of this post? To make fun of graysnovv? I have bad games too, doesn’t mean you’ve gotta brag about it.
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    Fact#5 Aligators have permanently erect penises
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    Fact#4 ----> Opinion -In North Korea,the punishment for watching porn is death :)))))))) thank god i'm born in a nicer country
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    Must Look Video cod4 zombie

    Hello, I want to share you my best moment in your serv today with lot of people .Enjoy =) ps : Sorry for this bad quality and sound ... But That was so cool moment
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    @KING LION I had got Care package at the first time I played in Crossfire Night! I was in a Building And Tried to call care package..But It says Health care package is not available with the current position. Later It came to me that CarePackage Is something like Crater drop from Heli! So i went out in the Open and tried again! and it worked! I hope I am Right!
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    Crossfire abandoned

    I had the idea to change the map crossfire, how to say, a more abandoned for the mod zombie, for example added buildings on fire, or grass that grows on buildings. For now I made the map crossfire, if you have any ideas, said them here.
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    VPN & Proxy Blocked

    @Kevin Good Work - So when i am lvl 100 no one can ban evade from me
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    VPN & Proxy Blocked

    Now I can't ban evade Niceeeee Keveeeeeee
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    Admin Abuse !

    and in addition he finds it funny.
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    Are you a noob? A-YES B-YES C- Both A and B
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    when i was in college with this guy...... some girls came and asked me does he have a girlfriend!! i asked why asking about this fool? Those stupid girls said he looks cute! So my devilish brain started to work than ... i told them to stay away from this guy.....bcz hes a play boy!!! after that the rumour spread between the girls that @ROnNiE is a playboy..... ronnie after hearing this from another female friend of his he was super mad and wanted to find out who told that fake rumour about him........ and he also requested me to find the person who spread the rumour and i was laughing inside then after a few days he found out it was me....... believe me now comes the fun partHis expression was like this towards me that whole day......... it was like he was about to throw me out of the window then i told the girls it was a joke bcz that monkey ronnie was stareing at me like that then the day after that day he came to me and said thank you... (but in reality he never thanked me ) also he said bcz of me no girls are talking to him the way he wanted it was than that i realised he was really a playboy!! The END hope you enjoyed
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    New Server Death Run in 1.0

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    Music Arena

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    Thinking of re-applying!

    Thinking of re-applying!
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    Good morning people and have a nice day! Today is my Name day !
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    Dear Reporters ;)

    You are dangerous with that quick scope. Do you like playing with the graphics like that? I can't stand it. Only tried it once though. -PH
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    and this one is you @WinterWolf !! Ops sorry you are already dead !!!
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    Competitive Team *maybe clickbait

    Meet me in a dark alley alone on S&D.
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    feeling like a rockstar...

    feeling like a rockstar...
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    need weapons

    And the same thing happened to me today
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    thank you. youre nice
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    -Fact#11 -More than 50% footballs that are used in world cups are made in Pakistan!
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    Fact#3 -Facing the social media ban in kashmir valley, 16 year old boy xeyan shafiq develops "kashbook: Kashmir's own facebook massive respect Long live kashmir #KashmirIsPakistan
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    Thank u all for 45 followers, i know i'm a hero that's y u are following me
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    Fortnite :0

    But if i sub you'll know my real name and no one can know my name is 'Anakin Skywalker"....i mean...uh i am so dumb
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    Your best high score.

    0 kills-9 deaths my best so far