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    -=DW=- Don

    This Guy is way too Awesome <3
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    B3 and other options

    ok guys..we have seen that b3 is down often,and when it is you also noticed that's when the hackers come..theres now way of kicking or banning them when this happens..sometimes when a hacker is present and no admins are around which occurs often,ill tell the players to go into the spec mode then the hacker cant do his thing...most players do this but the players that no el spako engrish don't..Kev or dusty..is there an a way that all the players will be automatically shoved into the spec mode when a hacker comes on the server? ive seen on some server where certain things are auto done...just a suggestion because its a shame when an Admin feels helpless when trying to do whats best for the Guest on your servers.. =)
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    Admiral (Banned)

    Hello everyone, To announce that we banned one of our members, we saw that this member was a cheater, they used other guides with the same IP to cheater on our servers. He also create several account on the forum, to give this reputation points (kid?) Unfortunately, we can not detect all the cheater, but we are doing our best to ban a maximum. I thank @eXe & @DoN for their work in this 007 investigation The Staff
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    DW vs DW #1

    Today @Heroic has prepared an event, thank you for organizing it. I really liked it, it's been a long time since we played together. Unfortunately everyone was not there, I hope you will be there, the next time.
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    Hey all So i was extremely bored so i decided to design some badges for Dreamland Watertown groups . Red admin (100): Head Admin (80): Server Admin (60) Rookie Admin(40) Member(10) Forum Users: Thanks for viewing Ps: Criticism is allowed ,i was bored when i made this is there is a chance i was being dumb with the design
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    Fake Dw Servers !!

    Hey All Recently some noob created re-direct servers with our name on it ...these are all fake servers Do not enter these servers at All !! There are viruses on the fake servers that will damage your computer We strongly urge all players to connect to our servers via ip : Here is a list of Our servers with their ips : Server Name Ip Adress -=DW=-Search and Destroy -=DW=-Hardcore Crossfire Only -=DW=-Softcore Crossfire only -=DW=- Free for All -=DW=- Softcore All maps -=DW=-Hardcore All maps -=DW=- Zombies How to connect via ip : Open your console by pressing "~" and then type in console : /connect <ip Address> Here is a Complete list of all our servers http://dwarea.com/servers/ Thank you for your Compliance This matter will be resolved ASAP Happy Fragging ~Staff
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    Music Arena

    Let Me Begin With This
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    VPN & Proxy Blocked

    Hello everyone, We have implemented a system that detects players using VPNs or proxies. You can no longer play on our servers with this system. I also added the system stopforumspam.com on the servers, if your IP is in this list, you will automatically kick from the server. Why did we add this system? Many cheaters use vpn services when they ban from our servers.
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    Merry Christmas.

    Hello everyone, First of all, the DW wish you a merry Christmas, and a happy New Year's Eve party. It's been 11 years since Christmas with this team and some players, we spent 11 years as AR 51 and now we are going to 12 years as DW. We've been through things all these years, we've got great members and admins, with whom I've managed this team Substanz, Scott as Red Admin, and all their jobs that made this team what is now. Have a great holiday with the family, and dropped one can your PC Ps : This message is a little early, I would not do it tomorrow, I'm away for 2 days
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    New comands !regfps & !regfov

    Hi guys, Kevin developed 4 new comands. !regfps >> This register on our B3 database if you want fullbright ON/OFF !unregfps >>This UN-register your previously setting about fullbright from database !regfov >>This register in our B3 database if you want high fov ON/OFF !unregfov >>This UN-register your previously setting about fov from database All the times that you reconnect to our servers B3 will put your saved fullbright/fov settings. Kevin created this to delete chat spam in game. So please use it. Thanks !
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    So, can someone please advise Turtle how to check his stats without him spamming every 15 seconds?
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    After Thorugh Discussion With Other Head Admins In Private, We've Decided To Not Only Remove His Level 40 (Rookie Admin), But Also Kick Fauji From The Clan Due To His Abusive Behaviour/Lack Of Respect Toward Other Admins And In General. We Agreed That This Was Not Admin Abuse, Exe Followed The Rules And The Warnings & The Ban Was Justified. We Carefully Looked At The Provided Evidence And Made This Decision.
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    -=DW=- Zombie Intro

    Good viewing
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    Roger that xD

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    A nuke? :)

    Little question, I add the nuke on the servers? This killed everyone on the map
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    Forum options (Games)

    Hello everyone, As you may have noticed, several things have changed on the forum, as we are going to host a new game (Battalion 1944), I was forced to group the options of each game into one menu. It will be easier for us to identify the players in this order, for example the notice board, found in the menu Call of Duty 4, as well as all the options that go with CoD4. Also a new option appeared when you made a new topic, for example in the recruitment request / Ban Reports, Ban Appeals, you can select the prefix of your game. I'll let you know for the rest of the next days
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    Wolfy Demoted.

    Hello Everyone. After deliberately discussed within our staff we are here to announce that the member @.=DW=.Wolfy has demoted and dismissed from DW Membership. Here are his disqualifications : Making fake Ban requests to make his BR count up. (try to fool DW staff) Swearing in our Servers (Keep doing it even after our head admin warned him) Talking trash about DW and its admins. Lied on his member application. Force others to follow him and like his contents (dishonorable as a member) We are doing whats the best for DW and Its Members. If anyone else doing or try to do things like this, better think twice. Thanks. DW staff
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    CoD4 KeyGenerator

    CoD4 KeyGenerator View File You have a cracked game? but your cd key is used by several players? With this key generator, it generates a new key, which will not be used by any player No forgot all crack, keygent is detected by Anti-Virus. Submitter Kevin Submitted 12/15/17 Category Tools
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    The problems of the past week

    Hello everyone, How did you see it last week the forum and our servers were down. The reason for this? I wanted to update the version that manages the site (php 7.0 => 7.2.1), unfortunately the update does not know well done, which caused a lot of errors, I look for times to correct its mistakes, but without success. I searched all night, I did not sleep for 24 hours, and unfortunately at the end of the day, I made an cmd that deleted all files from the servers and our backup system, too tired, and I acted like a big noob. Since our backup system had no backup, I had backups on my PC, I made an upload with my personal connection of all files servers and site, which took time, I only have 5Mb/s upload. For the moment? Our servers are online, and the site too, here I corrected the pages that did not want to appear, the players page and stats for example. Here I take care to put b3 online, it will be available at the end of the day. Here I ask you to forgive me, I know that I am a noob
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    Win a key for Battalion 1944

    Hello With -=DW=- you have the opportunity to win a key for battalion 1944 How do participate ? You must find an object on the map Bloc, on the object, there is written ****king Nothing more simple, just post a picture of the object in this post, if you were the first to find I send you the 15€ (paypal) for buy a key via steam. Good Luck
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    Hello there! From a few years in Call Of Duty 4 i took "few" screenshots about me and my friends... Enjoy! @eXe do you remember old times? PS. Akiyo is hacker, ban him! PS2. I love you all <3
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    How to get fps & fov

    Hey guys I made a short video to show how to put the fps & fov for all people who ask how to add it since 2 days
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    New Zombie Server

    New zombie server, after several requests from our players, the server is finally open. -=DW=- Zombie Fun By WWW.DWAREA.COM
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    New Server Death Run in 1.0

    Hello everyone, I decided to create a deathrun server, in 1.0? Yes, but you have to install the mappack for it to work. How to connect? Type this on console :;password mappack How to download the mappack? Just download this http://dwarea.com/cod4/mappack2.zip and press the install.exe or install32.exe for windows 32bits https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/4b9327f25027f594cf30b8fd7141662deea6fdc339a7db945adf22cd74b60764/detection For the moment only 2maps are added Edit : Updated the mappack.zip, fixed a bug to not download the same maps that you already have.
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    New donation (piko)

    Hello, We are pleased to announce a donation from @piko 5€ A big thanks to him
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    DW vs DW #1

    thankx the honour is mine count this topic as my award no need of award this topic has won my heart <3 luv u @Kevin @IAV4K
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    Server Rules

    Rule #0: No Hack/Cheat/Script, Glitch, Nadeswitch or Jump Rule #1: No racism of any kind Rule #2: No clan stacking, members must split evenly between the teams Rule #3: No arguing with admins (listen and learn or leave) Rule #4: No abusive behavior towards admins or other players Rule #5: No offensive or potentially offensive names, annoying names Rule #6: No recruiting for your clan, your server, or anything else Rule #7: No advertising or spamming of websites or servers Rule #8: No profanity or offensive language (in any language) Rule #9: Offensive players must play for the objective and support their team Rule #10: Purposefully exploiting game mechanics, this includes glitching and exploiting Bugs If you have any concerns/queries feel free to contact one of our Staff
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    Music Arena

  29. 5 points

    Introduction - Trauma

    I might be a noob but i'm sexy and you know it ^^
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    Your best high score.

    0 kills-9 deaths my best so far
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    Be a Better Person - Make a Better Future..

    Hey Everyone.. I am here to give you a little advise as an admin and as a matured person. this is just for those who need.. In these years of these servers we found a lot of hackers, cheaters, offended players and fake people. what we do with them is Ban them, Temp ban them or Warn them for the scale of what they did. Do you know why we do that? here is one of reasons why we do it : Most of players play here are Just kids which new comers to the Society. For most of them this is just a game and this forum is just a place they can meet people. But, its not the only thing happens here. This is the Base some of those kids introduce to society. This is the best place to learn Life and Gift a better person for the future... This is a place you can learn how #to follow rules #to be a good Leader #to Be a truthful person #to be a Friendly person #to earn friends #to earn good reputation among society and so many good things you can do.. But unfortunately there are some people try to be the opposite of those. To be hackers, Cheaters, lyres ect... Once we found people like that we try to talk to them to let them know what they do is bad and punishable. Some people listen. they are the people learn from their mistakes. But some people don't. That's where we have to punish them to give them a warning what they did was wrong. Make them think before doing another mistake. What we do is not personal. We really do is letting you know that you cant break a rule and get away. Its how world goes. You can never hide. We all have to follow rules or face consequences of breaking rules. Once before breaking rule we have a choice, only thing we have to do is just to take the right decision. Finally i have to tell you that If some one banned from our servers or you are in a temp ban; Just learn from them. Don't break rules and stop lying. Try not to do the same mistake over and over again after a punishment.. DW is just a small society but someday you have to face a Bigger world which punishments are also BIG. Lets learn from here. Face the world as a better person. Make a Beautiful future for our kid and all the living beings. Talk to us.. We will always be here to help you.. If one person can change how you think reading this its the only win win situation for me, that knowing i could change somone to be better... let us start in here, at -=DW=- Cheers...
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    Admiral (Banned)

    Admiral and all his fake accounts :
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    The admins need know other lenguage

    There are a LOT of DW players here that do not speak english as their first language but they still communicate in English. Do all of them have perfect grammar and spelling? No. But at least they try and we all get along despite the language barrier. A lot of players use google translate. We all find a way to speak and understand each other. I hope you realize how unfair your request is that we would have to be required to speak spanish.
  34. 4 points

    your hero is gone(resignation)

    @Heroic We are here to inform you that your resignation has been accepted by our staff and you will be released from DW clan. we would like to thank you for what you have done for the clan. wish you good luck for the future.. DW staff
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    Take Him Out xD

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    How to install mappacks in 1.0

    Download the mappack from here: http://dwarea.com/cod4/mappack4.zip Extract it anywhere, and run INSTALL.exe Wait for download finish /connect;password mappack /connect;password mappack Enjoy.
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    cute REAPER

    My Introduction

    I am Randil Tharusha..... Still a growing child which is 15 years old.........Living by fathers money......... My friends call me Rana.... its my nickname I am the most talkative child in my class ..... My teachers scold me because of that..... But I AM THE BEST an I AM THE BEAST
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    Camping on S&D

    I think Сonstantly Hard Camping (Spawn Camping, Passageways) not only at the S&D server, but at other servers too, should be punished with WARN -> KICK -> TEMPBAN for 1h. In my opinion can be allowed following type of Campings: Light Camping with any weapon - Camping with changing several positions (just like PorkyPig does); Sniper - Camping with sniper rifle, but not spawn camping constantly (several spawn kills allowed, but not in a row); Camping in enemy territory - Allowed any type of camping.
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    -=DW=- Don

    This video i made a long time ago when i had a bit of skill now i am just a noob. anyway thanks @IAV4K for publish it to !pb me for fake skills and @SpOoKy for helpijg him to find it..
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    New Head admins Level 80

    Hello All I am pleased to announce that @Segria joins the Head Admin (80) Given the job he does for the team, he deserves this level. Congratulations Welcome to the pro 80
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    Wifi password :o

    So a guy recently asked me for my wifi password.So he want to have my password and he asked me nicely i answered GOD DAMN NOOOOOOO!!! He looked at me like he saw a ghost and said man i only asked you for a wifi password, you dont need to shout on me so he asked me again nicely and i answered again GOD DAMN NOOOOOOO!!! So the guy gave up. HIT LIKE IF YOU GET IT BOYSSSS!!!!
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    New Head admins Level 80

    Thank you guys for having faith in me, I’ll try my best to live up to this new title!
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    Attention!!! Playboy Alert!!! Call 911!!!

    Ive tried to understand what they have been talking about for the last 3 topics, chicken etc, but just looses it after reading some of the replys Now I stopped reading them all haha
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    Admin Abuse

    I have investigated the problem and i found these things.. we all see turtle mentioned he was just typing !stats. but as i saw, it was like this : img01 img02 Full- Img03 and i saw Piggy (the server admin) try to say not to spam decently : img01 He was banned earlier today for the same reason : img01 img02 and same thing, piggy told him not to spam before warn : img01 the first warn was not an admin warn. it was b3 warn : b3 warn My judgement is this is not just a normal !stats check.. and the other thing is if any admin give any warning. just don't argue. just admit what you have done and try not to do the same thing again. if you think he is abusing, you can record it and post it in admin abuse section with good proof. we are always ready to help you.. I stay with the ban... @Turtle must learn not to do this unnatural !stats check. checking stats is not a bad thing. but everything has its limits. and you must find those limits. and you know what to do if admin is try to abuse. hope you will find the good side of what i say and avoid these mistakes in future buddy.. hope to see you in game.. Lets see what other HAs judgement is..
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    ~Tme for truths~

    well my friend in which whom ive know for a long time,in this case which I have no say so,but in my opinion when an Admn is going to kick or ban another Admn he should provide proof,you simply shouldn't kick or ban another Admn without a video stating he is hacking that's simply not fair to him and now his reputation is at stake,when I was Admn for AR,i had suspicions on a few Admns and of course I was allowed to ban that person even if I didn't have proff,but I took the extra effort and made videos for its justified proper and fair in doing so..so until I see a video of Pascal hacking,i HAVE his back on this...Cya on the Field!!
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    World War 2 multiplayer FPS Battalion 1944 will be coming to Early access on February 1st! Add to your Steam wishlist here: http://steamcommunity.com/games/489940 Sign-up to the closed beta here: http://beta.battaliongame.com
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    Map Backlot Snow 1.0 Server

    woow.. all lights off.. check this selfie :
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    Admiral (Banned)

    This is a perfect example for everyone try to fake them selves, break rules and try to ban evade.. We will be in alert and justice will be served.. Thanks for our leading admins for going trough all these and showing us you are the rule keepers
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    Reset stats & aliases

    Hello everyone, You can now reset your stats or aliases, to do this, you must go to your personal page B3 on our site, or click on (View more details) on the homepage of the website on your right (B3 Info). I take the opportunity to thank all the players who still plays on our servers, and who are more and more to come on the forum, i do not know if you noticed it, but 4 days ago we have 85 members connected to the site, this record had not been beaten since 2015 And if we are more numerous, it is thanks to all our admins who cleans our servers The Staff
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    This is for the RA HA SA <3

    RA HA