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    SnD No More ?

    It's not for nothing, but for me, Promod is a shit, it's something created for a 5v5, and when they're 12v12, it's boring and repetitive. We need the SnD urgently.
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    SnD No More ?

    If you wanna play with more people snd is better in my opinion. Promod is created for 5v5 fights, if you play it 12v12 it’s poop.
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    SnD No More ?

    It's very sad too see SnD server empty these days, although at times their are players, it seems as though SnD has died even on a Sunday evening there was no players in SnD. Only players in Promod, I for one prefer SnD over Promod, even though Promod is SnD - it's really not the same thing. Who else is sad to see SnD server Empty ?