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    Hmm bhai teek hai
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    I don't know charan bhai..I am not sure that we will face this problem in our server but if some one face this type issues in any of the server's.In that case we have to appeal a ban on http://www.evenbalance.com/troubleticket/new_ticket.php This one is Punk buster regarding issue charan bhai.. Because 2 day before I face this..On -LF- pro sniper server ..-LF-admin told me, no one banned me.But there is something related to Punkbuster ban so he told me to appeal ban on this http://www.evenbalance.com/troubleticket/new_ticket.php Reason : Due to internal technical issues. (I think reason is my lagging net)
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    silence :D
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    Guess this I come in a lot of different sizes. Sometimes, I drip a little. If you blow me, it feels really good. What am I?
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    Normal girls planning hangouts and sleepovers. Here I am planning how to headshot Khaled @I'mMalfri