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    I will rise again!
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    Sorry freinds for late introduction! Name:Ashish purty Age:22 Location:India Information:I stated playing Call of duty modern warfare 4 from 3 year back.i started playing in first |MN| servers but from past 1 years still right now my most favorite server is -=DW=- server. Most liked & playing game by me:call of duty modern warfare 4,Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain,Halo & my favorite crysis. Recent favorite online game: Call of duty modern warfare 4 Game name:|Hax|LuThEr & Lucky Current server: -=DW=- search and destroy,-=DW=- promod. Personal information:Studying in final year as pursuing a b.tech. from Roorkee. Field of interest (apart from studies): Make new friends... And gossips banda... Additional information:you can send me friend request on FB named as :ashish purty , from roorkee id... It's really great and auspicious moment for me that I am part of this huge famous family group.its my pleasure to be a part of this family. Thank you..
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    Hello there dear friends. I'm still working and i dont have time to play in the near future i can play as before Till then i wish you all best of gaming experience and good luck. I working for better gear for my computer and for me afcors :3 When i come back to play have mercy cus i didn't play for a while. Unicorns for lyfe