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    Help on skins

    I CAN HELP U DO U HAVE WINDOWS 8?? OR 8.1?? OR 7??
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    Hello everyone, As you can see, we have a discord server, you can join via this link : https://discord.gg/bQsD584 On this discord, you can find our members, or the players of our servers, and you can talk together. What's new, you can now also in a cod4 server type the command !discord this will warn your friends that you played on the server. Several commands are also available via the discord server !fps (this gives you permission to have this command on our cod4 servers) !online (this allows you to see where our DW players are playing right now) !ip (This command allows you to know the IP of our servers) !ban (This displays the list of the last 5 banned players from our servers) !find name (This command allows you to find the information of a player.) Do not hesitate to join us on discord
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