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    I did it trough console.... Failed but it worked by manual typing in the password
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    ping is one issue but it can be overcame by just pure skill ! 1. the player may have low ping <20 or so but its not possible that he is a true pro gamer may be he can be just spraying you with bullets or grenade spamming. 2. many players I've seen on top of the leader boards have very high ping even upwards of 300 mS in non -=DW=- servers and above 80 mS in-=DW=- servers it all comes down to this SKILL and KNOWLEDGE (how to use a weapon ,perks ,explosives and even kill streaks )and just pure dumb luck!!
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    low ping guys do have an advantage
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    Roger that xD

    its the thing kids should nt know b4 maturity lol
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    I have 1 ping . Is that helpful??