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    cute REAPER

    My Introduction

    I am Randil Tharusha..... Still a growing child which is 15 years old.........Living by fathers money......... My friends call me Rana.... its my nickname I am the most talkative child in my class ..... My teachers scold me because of that..... But I AM THE BEST an I AM THE BEAST
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    Be Real With You....Try your Best.....Be The Expert - Randil
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    I cant believe that ur a srilankan
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    to give your best is to receive the best.
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    I uninstalled the game and reinstalled and I used a new key code so this is my new guide 2611e2d1 please check wether it is used or not @eXe
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    “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.
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    cute REAPER

    My Introduction

    @SpOoKyyou don't mind
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    VICKY ninja practise

    1 . Guys i am now days trying for ninja defuse and i am good at ninja defuse but... 2. I lost all my skills for playing and i am dieng soon
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    You meet thousands of people, and none of them really mean anything to you. And then you meet one person, and your life is changed forever.
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    My mom didn't let me play video games growing up, so now I do. Gaming gives me a chance to just let go, blow somebody up and fight somebody from another dimension. It's all escapism.
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    ado mata patta adambarai bn lankawe ekek -=DW=- forums wala red admin kenek wechcha eka gena
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    cute REAPER

    My Introduction

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    downgrading cod4

    @piko bro u doing good job man
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    was afk for 1 week(only in-game) now im back in action
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    thanks for the sup
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    cute REAPER

    A kind request

    My application was refused and I have to wait for 1 month to post a new one .So its OK i can wait 1 month but you've asked me to change ma key code. But I dont have the original game because its very rare in our country.So can u please think about it and please bring me a solution. This is just a kind request!
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    cute REAPER

    A kind request

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    cute REAPER

    A kind request

    ok i used a new keycode can you please check wether its unused @eXe
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    I will ner=ver use offensive words hereafter i promise you
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    cute REAPER

    I will wait

    I will wait
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    one admin don't respect and help players

    And then check his chat log, suddenly he was cursing DW and all players. "I didn't do nothin'! It was my little bro!"
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    After Thorugh Discussion With Other Head Admins In Private, We've Decided To Not Only Remove His Level 40 (Rookie Admin), But Also Kick Fauji From The Clan Due To His Abusive Behaviour/Lack Of Respect Toward Other Admins And In General. We Agreed That This Was Not Admin Abuse, Exe Followed The Rules And The Warnings & The Ban Was Justified. We Carefully Looked At The Provided Evidence And Made This Decision.
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    Watch andreadb98's tutorial ----->
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    and if do not work, I have copied you this manual These Are Some Of The Ways You Can Find Your GUID Which Is Required For Ban Appeals. - You Can Find Your GUID In Our DB: Go To The Home Page And Look For B3Info On the Right Hand Side. ( If It's Not There Then Join One Of Our Server First And Then Refresh The Webpage) - Join One Of Our Server And type In Chat "!ME". - Join Any Server And Open Console (Shift + ~) Then Type "/pb_myguid". - > ~ < Is The Key On The Left Hand Side Of > 1 < Open call of duty 4 and then press on the computer this is a button (\) when it opens give this command /pb_myguid , then hold down the shift button and buttons \ it should be like this This is red in your guide
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    Camping on S&D

    I see the need to reopen this topic because what it is said in this topic and closed is really not nice, and also because other things are said before, like the comment of @Kevin in this topic. I really find it very irritating the campers like Heroic at the S&D server. They just sit in one corner for 30 min with the G3, and without any skill whatsoever the get the most kills. They ruin the all atmosfere of the game. And what is worse they only can do this at the S&D server. In other servers like All maps they can't do nothing because they can get no kills because have no skill. THey can't even snipe at the S&D server. I agree they can camp, but in the other servers not at S&D server. Camp at S&D server is just not fair to the others. Maybe it is an idea to make a camp server for this kind of players, and let them sit all day in the corners with G3. I hope some of you understand what I am trying to say here. I think the S&D server should remain as it is, which in my opinion is a very competitive server for players that want to develop their skills, and not to make this a server for people without and skill and for lazy players. P.S I would like to see the comments of other people in this topic not the usual campers like in the other topic. Please comment on this topic to keep this server as it is. Cheers..