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    Make Zombie Great Again !

    You have a great idea for the zombie server, I think Kevin is the person you are looking for
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    about hacking

    IDK but hacking in-game mechanics like the attributes of shooting accuracy, damage and range its really hard to hack and its quite impossible if your not the server host. but stuff like aim and recoil with Wh can be used by injecting custom DLL on the games exe. Now I dont know How much you know about COD4 but there is a glitch when you use an attachment on AK47 its range gets reduced but when you use it with out attachments you get that impossible non accurate range becuz it gets hard to control with recoil. Now I dont want to say more on this ,matter becuz you weren't clear with the stuff. @Ninja @IAV4K or @andreadb98 wanna add something ? and It might be a good Idea to close the post to stop further spam.
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    Forums are boring and we know it,, so to entertain u i will post 1 or 2 fact(s) everyday!
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    Heroic intro 2.0

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    Dude just No. No porn no life.. tell him to close the game.. not porn. Cmon have a life