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    I can't close my porn Everytime I die in cod4, I watch some porn to make me feel better that's why I like dying ^^
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    Nicole Kidman <3 

    Nicole Kidman <3
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    Why watch porn if you could be a porn star.. I remember in my past life i was a pornstar
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    If You Want To Decrease Your Ping Then FFS Close The Porn Video First
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    Type this in console /com_maxfps 250 Unlocks your FPS in COD4, Gains FPS, less Lag. /cg_drawfps 1 Shows your FPS in COD4, upper left corner (or use FRAPS) /cg_drawlagometer 1 Shows a meter, to display if your lagging or the server is. /cg_fov 80 Increases your Field Of View, slight advantage. Better looking screen. /cg_brass 0 Disables the shine of the guns, a FPS booster.. less visual /r_multigpu 1 COD4 doesn't really benefit SLi, so change to 1 or 0. See if it works for you. /r_drawdecals 0 Disables GFX effects (dirt, snow, paper etc etc) less visual..FPS booster /cl_maxpackets 100 Ping Booster /cl_packetdup 2 Ping Booster /rate 25000 Another Ping booster /snaps 30 Don't have the background info for this one, but does improve ping Hope this helped! courtesy: @IAV4K ma noob! anyone can use it for making ping low
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    Pay more and buy fast internet is the only solution i know.
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    @[LV]KicKer You're Not Banned. Try Again Please. http://dwarea.com/clientdetails.php?id=16