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    On my mind just porn ^^

    On my mind just porn ^^
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    Why am I not applying for ATS.?

    Hi guys, So after a time a lot of people have been asking why am I not applying for ATS again. Yes, I applied the first time but due to not getting all the requirements (specially 10 BR) I was not accepted. And for all of you that asked why you aren't applying again here is the answer. => You might already see that i'm not that active so I'm not getting one requirement. => You guys might know that Me and @IAV4K we both are at he end of our school/collage time so at the last end we have some serious issue staying active. => As i'm not that active you see that I cant catch hackers or report them but the few minutes I log on I play for total fun less then being a Big Brother. => Lets say I did catch a hacker but that will decrease someone else's chance at ATS so i'm not applying yet. => And as the HA and some other Admins got the area covered i really don't see a reason to be an admin now. => And for the Asian times some of the Rookie got the time zone covered so I really don't have to bother that much. But that doesn't mean I'm retiring or leaving -=DW=-. I'm here just a little inactive. I'll be back to normal like before after this year. btw I opened a high school clan my self so I have to handle that too but I'm still a -=DWen=- by heart. Hope this clenched the thirst to all of the people Happy Fraginig MONGCHAW
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    Introduction - Trauma

    Hi everybody! Trauma here from the USA! Aka xplosivdiarrhea, aka sleep fighter! I have been playing COd4 on and off since 2010. I also play COD mw2 once in a while. I started playing on the servers I think around early last year before they changed it to DW. I play mostly in Crossfire Night and Hardcore although I’ve been joining the other DW servers recently. You’ll see me running around with ak74u or sniping with a Barrett .50Cal. I play cod for fun and to relieve stress although it does raise my blood pressure once in a while. Shoutout to these players that I've been having fun chatting and playing with: IrishThug, Ouch, Hugestonez Hoping to shoot around with the other players on the DW server! See you around!
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    Bedtime I will dream horror...

    Bedtime I will dream horror...
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    Why am I not applying for ATS.?

    Just say that you fail boi and you wanna pass....
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    Introduction - Trauma

    ihinto ang pakikipag-usap sa batang lalaki sa filipino
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    A new server!

    I have to agree with @Police , It would be a good boost for DW to add a new Sniper server. I play sniper by myself and find alot of players asking for a HC Sniper server with no Crossing allowed. Just pure sniping, like it used to be. Could you all maybe have a new chat about what it costs to make a new server? Or how many effort it takes to build one, because I think the community would LOVE IT!
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    Introduction - Trauma

    I might be a noob but i'm sexy and you know it ^^
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    Wolfy Demoted.

    Hello Everyone. After deliberately discussed within our staff we are here to announce that the member @.=DW=.Wolfy has demoted and dismissed from DW Membership. Here are his disqualifications : Making fake Ban requests to make his BR count up. (try to fool DW staff) Swearing in our Servers (Keep doing it even after our head admin warned him) Talking trash about DW and its admins. Lied on his member application. Force others to follow him and like his contents (dishonorable as a member) We are doing whats the best for DW and Its Members. If anyone else doing or try to do things like this, better think twice. Thanks. DW staff