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    B3 and other options

    ok guys..we have seen that b3 is down often,and when it is you also noticed that's when the hackers come..theres now way of kicking or banning them when this happens..sometimes when a hacker is present and no admins are around which occurs often,ill tell the players to go into the spec mode then the hacker cant do his thing...most players do this but the players that no el spako engrish don't..Kev or dusty..is there an a way that all the players will be automatically shoved into the spec mode when a hacker comes on the server? ive seen on some server where certain things are auto done...just a suggestion because its a shame when an Admin feels helpless when trying to do whats best for the Guest on your servers.. =)
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    About me.

    Hi all. I know that it is very very late but anyways my name is Faizan Arshad (call me wolfy)and as u know that I am 13 yrs old.I live in Pakistan.I study in class 8th (going in 9th).I am monitor and the best student in my class.My aim is to be a Pilot. Interests: Aviation Cricket Gaming Studying Thinking of how and y things happen. Becoming an Admin. Hope u guys know me better now.
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    ok thank you @MetaBee
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    You need a 64bit OS, 32bit for the game doesnt work if thats what he meant
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    About me.

    @.=DW=.Wolfy you are good in studies and i like your intro get good marks in studies and join airforce and make your future bright
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