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    Mahi ZTSO

    Hi guys my name is Mahi you guys know me as mahi0361 i am a close friend of @MONGCHAW we've been friends for 4 years. we both live in the Dhaka and go to the same school, My house and his house is just about 15 min walk. we have a youtube channel named Evolym Youth. MONGCHAWs brother LIL MONGCHAW , me and another guy named Rinvi and Apurba we five friends are the evloym youth. the link is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDBTdUuSVUZKXvXGzO3802Q plz subcribe and enjoy.
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    Blitzkrieg Battle #2

    Wow Duckly.. Congratz pal.. 4/128 is big.. That double kill.. Really? Teach meeee..
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    " Life lived for tomorrow will always be just a day away from being realized" - Leo Buscglia
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    FPS without b3\bind for FPS

    Isn't Fov is capped @ 80 Fovscale is capped at 5
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    Let's Admit It .

    No one chose me Jk...anyone who has my back is my favorite player @Segria always has my back even when we are on opposite teams AND @pascal and @bnjn and @IAV4K ALWAYS HAS MY BACK!!!
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    I am talking about SND
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    Let's Admit It .

    mine is the bird @akiyo
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    Plz give me some tips and tricks

    @redtiger That doesnt help anyone, settings that are the best, are the one you make the for yourselfs @Malfri Thats just a good class, but if you already suck, you wont get anymore kills with it I would say that has already been said, play games games games, change your settings etc after games to fit for you liking, and play more. Only way to be good (and no trying to cheat with hax as Malfri here did) is to play the game alot
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    When u get flashed.

    Your not flashy you are a chutia.
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    Blitzkrieg Battle #2

    2rd tournament on battalion 1944 with my mates sadly we lose in demi final again like in the first tournament here you see the two best round I made in the quarterfinals we finished top 4 out of 128 team
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    Let's Admit It .

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    Let's Admit It .

    Mine is my self.. cause Dude, I Rock! ahahahha and i love @eXe and @DoN