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    Now they also banned my account at their website hehe they have a DW phobia
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    HCB permbanned me for being DW member

    And your addicted to -=DW=-.
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    HCB permbanned me for being DW member

    Coz they Noobs Sometimes the best action is no action at all Honestly I don't want anymore drama if they don't want us on there server so be it we have good servers with good players there is no need to beef with anyone we all play cod4 for fun
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    HCB permbanned me for being DW member

    Hello my Friends! Recently I was permanently banned on the HCB Crossfire 24/7 server. It happened in 06.02.2018 22:05 (Tashkent time). At first, I could not understand the reason, and made a ban appeal on their website. But for 2 days none of the admins answered my post, and I decided to ask the main admin Ice. During the correspondence, the reason for my ban was clarified and, to put it mildly, I was surprised. I created this topic solely in order to get to know your opinion guys.
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    Top 3 Sniper rifles

    Hey everyone today I am going to make list of top 3 Sniper rifles (according to me) in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare multiplayer. 1. R700 (Due to its high damage it is the most OP gun. Well I got killed with this gun many times ;-] 2. M40A3 ( Very nice gun when combined with stopping power and deep impact) 3. Barret .50 cal (VERY HIGH DAMAGE GUN. This gun would put holes in you but due to its high recoil it throws out our aim) Well this was my opinion . If you have something on your mind about sniper rifles plz let me know. Goodbye Peace out!!
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    Nah like you and your brother Every server in cod4 should be like brothers. A friendly rivalry can stay but that's when the clan war is going on.
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    Reall they are good and my bro is addicted to them.
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    who plays PUBG?

    i think Blue Whale is better.
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    HCB permbanned me for being DW member

    The FaujiGul who I baited, with Lvl 80 admin James recording. Then got banned for wallhack. Only to appeal on the old dw forum admitting to using a “UAV hack” lol...
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    never underestimate the -=DW=- tag just remember. Its a secret service of COD4
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    Yup but today im gonna play without the tag of -=DW=- and rekk everyone and at the last moment change my name. If they ban me I have another copy of COD4 and I'll use kevins key gen to make new guid untill they IP ban me. Is it okay?
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    Try MN| servers they are friendly altho they showed that don't join DW bot msg. Question should I ask a friend to DDOS HCB?
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    me too bro
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    Sniping Guide

    wolfy i have spectate you many times! you are doing good. a sniper in my opinion has to be quick.. the most important! i think it s good to hold your breath before you stand up. if you think that you have made a lot of enemies angry just take place! if you can handle them, then your kills come to you on their own.. i rarely change place... but it s up to you! hope i helped you a little bit..
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    how do i find my saved profile

    What did I just wrote in the Above topic? It will then be saved in the folder where you have Easy account I also said, look at a youtube video, and dont make me find one for you, cause it will be like making me wiping ur ass after you have Poopoo, you can do that yourself And dont make me make another Let me google that for you link, to find a youtube video for the excact same thing....
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    Admin Abuse

    I like the sound of that @IAV4K
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    Admin Abuse

    I another admin abuse topic I see no admin abuse here He followed the correct procedure Porky verbally warned you and warned you for arguing with him to which is what you did I think the ban should stay it's just 16 hours you won't die, Read a book ,go have lunch with your girlfriend or you could sleep the 16 hours away your choice
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    Admin Abuse

    The Rule 03 is : Peeing in the gene pool So you have found guilty for 03 rule breakings in one day (spam, argue with admin and offensive language) and 01 ban for spam in same day for the same reason. So it is Rule 03.. if you said this to him and stop doing it again with out arguing with him, this could have been so easy isn't it? You should thank him for giving you a lowest ban for all those reasons..
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    Fix this roof, please

    Ты меня обогнал)) Тоже хотел писать на эту тему))
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    This must be added

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    This must be added

    Plz add round ending cam to notice if he was hacking or not and plz add our own animation like in newer call of duty games.
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    M40A3 is the Best <3 and i recently Moved from Mp5 -------> to AK-74u
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    Quote :D

    "It's better to be a coward for a minute, then dead for the rest of you're life." -Ser Devos