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    DW servers

    so glad the servers r back
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    Let's begin.

    Press at the right moment. Be sure to keep the volume full for best challenge. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154793332967735&id=34143592734.html Only Haha reacts accepted
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    Final Poll for the keepers

    Topic has been locked due to over-topic bumping and spamming The poll will remain open Popular servers will remain such as : Search and Destroy Hardcore crossfire 24/7 All maps Free for all Zombie Promod. If it was not popular kiss the server goodbye as there is no point in having dead server Happy Fragging
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    The -=DW=- Google Award goes to @SniperWolf23
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    @IAV4K brother they are preparing for am ambush. Give dem a prep talk
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    Why was it so GOOD?!

    Personally I have played the whole COD franchise with online. Fo me. Best Multiplayer - COD8 Modern Warfare 3 Best story - COD BO series and MW series. Best Depiction of WWII - COD5 WaW. Best Online community (According to steam) - COD4 MW. Best Game altogether - COD4 MW (Single player + online + mods) I dunno bout you guys but this is me.
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    Hello DW

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    Hello DW

    Welcome to the forums
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    Hello DW

    welcome to the forum
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    Why was it so GOOD?!

    they should stop letting treyarch make the games and continue with infinity ward. it is obvious that infinity ward makes the best COD games in my opinion
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    Why was it so GOOD?!

    I love the graphics. and the reality in the shooting and sounds.
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    COD 4

    Is COD 4 The Best Game Ever?
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    My Back ground

    Welcome to the forums.. Dinner will be ready in 1-hour
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    My Back ground

    Hey Malfri! I played this game for 10 years from now! (iam still not a pro but maybe one day) so theres a chance u know me : D !
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    We actually did not reply as this was obviously a spam post. I can assure you I don't spam forums. It was a genuine question.