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    Zombie suggestion

    Hey all...I have been doing some thinking on improving the zombie server...This is just what i think that would be cool to add so dont SPAM at me... Give zombie skills like running faster . Give humans mines or something like that. Take away the camping countdown, because for me zombie mode is supposed to be about camping.... Give zombies a choice of costimizing like being a dog thats faster and a fat guy thats slow but has alot of health... add a mystery box where humans need to use there points to get random guns because everybody is using shotgun...[Like black ops zombies] So these are just the ideas that i think would be great to add... THANKS FOR READING AND PLEASE DO COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THESE IDEAS!!
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    Boy or Girl?

    I feel sorry for your girlfriend She is banging the fingerless terminator, where he lacks in finger he makes up for in a golden
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    Zombie suggestion

    The thing is, Kev is busy with work so I doubt he'll have time to create a script for the box
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    Rosario Vampire


    i totally agree with you %
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    Zombie suggestion

    @DoN exactly what i am trying to say.. But i think the box idea is a greate one because all use the shotgun
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    Rosario Vampire

    Zombie suggestion

    hey i think that thos ideas could actually work especially where you said take down the camping countdown i totally agree on that
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    DW Servers under attack

    Great job with the B3 guys. Let's have fun now..
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    tomorrow Is 9th Jan Mah Birthday
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    Boy or Girl?

    I talk with her everyday and i know eXe is her. She use voice changer for ts in DW. But she did talk in her real voice in our old server. Why do you think i love eXe this much? Easy coz eXe is girl.. cant you see sexyness even in his name?
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    Sniping Guide

    Easy take the M40A1 and M9. And run batshit crazy like a Hitman.