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    Im back

    Hi guys i have found my solution to my lag, thanks to one of the most best admins ever IAV4K. I just wanna thank IAV4K with helping me out with my problem Now im back in action again
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    great site

    everytime I log in theres something new what a great site proud to be a clan member good work kevin all the gang DW smokey
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    Life is like a box of chocolates.you never know what you're gonna get
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    DW Servers under attack

    exactly.. i don't think he would do such a thing <3
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    tomorrow Is 9th Jan Mah Birthday
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    DW Servers under attack

    Doubt that last time we spoke he said that he wants nothing to do with A R 5 1 or DW and he is not one to take revenge
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    Why do we call it a building if its already built ?
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    DW Servers under attack

    All this because we are the best servers in the Cod4 ! ... I am sure that this problem will be solved soon that's right bro......!!!