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    Your best high score.

    You are good player) you can do better score but don't forget to take screenshot next time!
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    Our future

    requesting kevin to atleast open up the softcore all maps. we used to receive so many players there, and it would be depressing to see it go away like that..please kevin if you can consider our humble request and reopen the softcore all maps
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    Hey Everyone.. I am here to give you a little advise as an admin and as a matured person. this is just for those who need.. In these years of these servers we found a lot of hackers, cheaters, offended players and fake people. what we do with them is Ban them, Temp ban them or Warn them for the scale of what they did. Do you know why we do that? here is one of reasons why we do it : Most of players play here are Just kids which new comers to the Society. For most of them this is just a game and this forum is just a place they can meet people. But, its not the only thing happens here. This is the Base some of those kids introduce to society. This is the best place to learn Life and Gift a better person for the future... This is a place you can learn how #to follow rules #to be a good Leader #to Be a truthful person #to be a Friendly person #to earn friends #to earn good reputation among society and so many good things you can do.. But unfortunately there are some people try to be the opposite of those. To be hackers, Cheaters, lyres ect... Once we found people like that we try to talk to them to let them know what they do is bad and punishable. Some people listen. they are the people learn from their mistakes. But some people don't. That's where we have to punish them to give them a warning what they did was wrong. Make them think before doing another mistake. What we do is not personal. We really do is letting you know that you cant break a rule and get away. Its how world goes. You can never hide. We all have to follow rules or face consequences of breaking rules. Once before breaking rule we have a choice, only thing we have to do is just to take the right decision. Finally i have to tell you that If some one banned from our servers or you are in a temp ban; Just learn from them. Don't break rules and stop lying. Try not to do the same mistake over and over again after a punishment.. DW is just a small society but someday you have to face a Bigger world which punishments are also BIG. Lets learn from here. Face the world as a better person. Make a Beautiful future for our kid and all the living beings. Talk to us.. We will always be here to help you.. If one person can change how you think reading this its the only win win situation for me, that knowing i could change somone to be better... let us start in here, at -=DW=- Cheers...
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    Well said @DoN bro 100% right when i came newly in this server i did many little mistake but now i have earned lot of things from here and learning process is still going on thanks @DucK @Kevin all admins and other all guys @heroic @das. Respect is every thing.
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    Our future

    No we just won't be a Cod4 only clan anymore we will still have servers in cod4