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    New Server FootBall 2018

    Hello everyone, For the world cup, I decided to create a fun server -=DW=- FootBall 2018 WWW.DWAREA.COM PASSWORD : mappack Do not forget to play on this server you need to download the map manually : 64bits: http://dwarea.com/football2.zip 32bits : http://dwarea.com/football32.zip Just press install and it will install in your cod directory When download has finished it will ask you if you want to autoconnect to server If you want to auto connect then press 1 and enter, if not press 0 and enter If you pressed 0 then Open cod4, open console And write this: /connect;password mappack Virus scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/adf89e8ab3d2bef25e9f702b5d4604914bf81b726217e08e1c5e5c1f66bce36a/detection
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    applications for adman ?

    If there is anyone else who wanna be adman, just raise your hand..
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    When your ping is too high

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    Earn and Fun with Bright Future of DW

    Hey @KING LION Thank you for your suggestion and please keep coming up with more But unfortunately Kevin started this server in cod4 in 2007 with the sole purpose of providing a server that allows players of all shapes sizes cultures and ethnicity to meet up in a cod4 server communicate and just chill by killing some noobs. Kevin never intended for anyone to pay for the server and put it on his own shoulders to pay for the server But unfortunately time have changed and Things are more expensive and it is kinda unfair for Kevin to take out of his own pocket to pay for a server that he barely has the time to play on .So he decided to create a donation widget for those who enjoy the servers and are willing to donate in order to keep it alive we are grateful for any donations where big or small they mean a lot to us and shows us that people actually care enough to keep us alive Donating is difficult and we don't expect people to stress themselves out if they can't donate we understand eg I would by all means donate but with the current economic status of SA it is no very wise as it will cost me an arm and leg Therefore paying for clan wars is hypocritical on our side. Thank you tho but in my opinion it is a gamble and seems a bit unstable in terms of running
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    Earn and Fun with Bright Future of DW

    I vote nay to this for the following reasons. - I agree with @KashanRaider and @MetalUpYerAss that your suggestion is considered gambling. - Numerous players and DW members and admins alike are underage therefore they don’t have access to bank accounts and such. - $1 is indeed affordable but I don’t think I would be willing to pay that $1 every week to play the tournament. It is already enough that I bought the game so I can have my own cd-key. - Most of us including myself play COD to use an outlet from everyday stressors in life. If we start mixing money with cod, then I think this will bring us even more stress. - Hackers will definitely take advantage of this. Hackers alone are crazy, and if you mix in money with that? They’re going to be even more vicious. Even if let’s say that there will be admins to kick them out for hacking, they will still find a way.
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    Same, I am under 18 and don't have any bank account and even my parents will not allow me to give money as they always criticize me for playing games
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    Earn and Fun with Bright Future of DW

    man that's the point we should be stressing on we all are kids not pros ,who all do it for fun in the afternoon after schools,collages. those who capitalize on the games are not good people and most dw members are good people with good heart filled with joy when people make donations to them for providing a free service for all online gamers. money involvement will cause the inflow of players to stop and dw will be in a coma .
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    bro... u do know many of us are just kids and dont even have a bank account how will we pay our donations then ?? and u will say ask ur parents ?? then another problem usually parents say NO so i wont b able to do dis .. and more over the system u told how the money will circulate among us is like gambling mann!!! which is bad and many of us wont do it !
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    I see you already crying in your profile pic, heheh... But I will let you choose 1 bullet for yourself from my profile pic Don't worry, I'll make a neat hole in your head.... heheheheee... You and @pascal, both against me in Crossfire Night today evening after 21:00pm (Tashkent time)... Don't forget, I'm sniper-camper (not rusher). Goodluck n(. )( .)bs
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    The admins need know other lenguage

    There are a LOT of DW players here that do not speak english as their first language but they still communicate in English. Do all of them have perfect grammar and spelling? No. But at least they try and we all get along despite the language barrier. A lot of players use google translate. We all find a way to speak and understand each other. I hope you realize how unfair your request is that we would have to be required to speak spanish.
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    your hero is gone(resignation)

    @Heroic We are here to inform you that your resignation has been accepted by our staff and you will be released from DW clan. we would like to thank you for what you have done for the clan. wish you good luck for the future.. DW staff
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    yeah my parents too, an hour ago my dad watched some gameplay i made and said its like i dont use the guns right, but im playing like a "pro". so basiclly im a wanna be pro but yeah i dont care we gamers only live once so yeah why care
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    @shutup!! wow its same with me too... My parents also critisize me because im playing games. BUT I DONT CARE
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    you need more practice brah
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    IP of the servers of -=DW=-

    Hope this helps someone 3. COD4 -=DW=- Crossfire Night 24/7 By WWW.DWAREA.COM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. COD4 -=DW=- Search & Destroy By WWW.DWAREA.COM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13. COD4 -=DW=- HardCore Crossfire 24/7 By WWW.DWAREA.COM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29. COD4 -=DW=- Free For All By WWW.DWAREA.COM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 48. COD4 -=DW=- All Maps By WWW.DWAREA.COM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 175. COD4 -=DW=- Zombie Fun By WWW.DWAREA.COM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 180. COD4 -=DW=- Promod LIVE V2.20 WWW.DWAREA.COM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 796. COD4 -=DW=- Headquarters By WWW.DWAREA.COM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1545. COD4 -=DW=- Death Run WWW.DWAREA.COM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1578. COD4 -=DW=- Private By WWW.DWAREA.COM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Btw, Ranking-Game name-Server name-ip
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    The problems of the past week

    Hello everyone, How did you see it last week the forum and our servers were down. The reason for this? I wanted to update the version that manages the site (php 7.0 => 7.2.1), unfortunately the update does not know well done, which caused a lot of errors, I look for times to correct its mistakes, but without success. I searched all night, I did not sleep for 24 hours, and unfortunately at the end of the day, I made an cmd that deleted all files from the servers and our backup system, too tired, and I acted like a big noob. Since our backup system had no backup, I had backups on my PC, I made an upload with my personal connection of all files servers and site, which took time, I only have 5Mb/s upload. For the moment? Our servers are online, and the site too, here I corrected the pages that did not want to appear, the players page and stats for example. Here I take care to put b3 online, it will be available at the end of the day. Here I ask you to forgive me, I know that I am a noob
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    Hello people! This last days a friend told me to play sniper elite ! I was amazed with that game, i was like a zombie playing them all day long ! I v just finished campain in sniper elite 2 and 3 !! Have you ever played this game ? i am @Uzbek i will finish you off man,my sniper skills are insane now!
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    ahaahahah @pascal and @I'mMalfri on a date coming out of a ghost house
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    UZBEK i challenge U too ! I'm srs ...
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    Did anyone else notice the sound if you click the like button on my status?
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    Eid MubaraK! to you all friends.  

    Eid MubaraK! to you all friends.
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    Hello dear -=DW=- Family; I think it’ll be great if the final killcam will be back on S&D server. It’s not necessary but I think it’s a part of the fun. Thanks in advance, MetalAss.
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    {GR}Greek Team


    Hello all today i want to say THANKS to @piko @DoN @pascal and all the admins and members because they help me with a problem with call of duty 4. Thanks Again
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    We r kids n we play for fun. Not for Money. If DW needs donation then it asks but not forces. No Offense well if this happens, 1 player should practice very much and when they'll counter ppl like u ( who always camp -_-) they'll lose which results in lose of money. I agree with @Trauma @IAV4K @KashanRaider @Rebel that it IS gambling.
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    #Facts 0.2

    hahahaha, nice one @ROnNiE
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    thug laaaife... >.<

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    My personal best is 19 seconds
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    thug laaaife... >.<

    i did not knew dat wow man in america u can show middle fingers to wrestlers
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    dEATH RUN Fun

    GUYS TODAY WE HAD FUN WITH @DucK AND @Kevin IN death run though we thought both of em were nubs but they turned out to b the pros recorded a pro playing shot ,............... i got 2 vids kk ? i had more but it might take time https://youtu.be/n_LDmVmL-Fk
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    New Rule ?

    You are right my Friend! Just it is really annoying when someone doing it long enough... But it is up to RA's. It was just my offer
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    thug laaaife... >.<

    ahahahahaa did not knew police had lambourghinis ahahahaha he stole his gfffffff
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    @KashanRaider Ofc..Thats why I Chose Malf <3 and Promode!
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    @pascal and @I'mMalfri —challenging @Uzbek on sniping? You guys don’t know what you’re getting yourself into lmao Is that supposed to be @pascal and @I'mMalfri on the pic?! how romantic hahahahahaha
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    I accept the challenge, meet me in the dark alley of cross-fire night today evening Dead body
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    Road to 100 reputation starts now . @KashanRaider @wR RaDio @LyNx
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    I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o'er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd, A host, of golden daffodils; Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze. Continuous as the stars that shine And twinkle on the milky way, They stretched in never-ending line Along the margin of a bay: Ten thousand saw I at a glance, Tossing their heads in sprightly dance. The waves beside them danced; but they Out-did the sparkling waves in glee: A poet could not but be gay, In such a jocund company: I gazed—and gazed—but little thought What wealth the show to me had brought: For oft, when on my couch I lie In vacant or in pensive mood, They flash upon that inward eye Which is the bliss of solitude; And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils.
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    BAD ads

    dude seriously dont say that i search for girls ,..............xD
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    @KashanRaider True. Even for myself, English is only my second language too. @pascal You are spot on about the logic. If that was the case, every player in this community would have to learn every language of every player. Just doesn’t make sense. @MetalUpYerAss You are so right, we have players in the DW servers from across the globe. And we all have to face the fact that English is the unofficial universal language. I am not saying that non-english speaking players should only talk in english here, you can talk in your own language as much as you want. Just don’t request to require the community to speak spanish.
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    I hope too when i play then i play " Go hard or go home " yall have been warned just kidding
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    Heroic's random gameplay xD

    Do of mine
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    My Instagram : Khalid_Arsari
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    agent 47

    I guess you mean guys
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    AGENT 47

    agent 47

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    Ramadan Kareem To All !! 

    Ramadan Kareem To All !!
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    The problems of the past week

    We Really Appreciate you commitment @Kevin and we know at the end of the day you are our Best guy Anyone agree with me if i say your sleepless nights and all those sacrifices worth its maximum..
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    This must be added

    post good topics and its gonna be easy to help your reps get hi