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  1. Friendly Fire is a fun thing. And adds realism to the game. It should be actived when admins online in-game. I know, its a reason for abuse but its damn funny. Should think that.
  2. There is should Player tags for people. The ''Online'' tag is not looking cool. -Vigilante
  3. I watched the video, and this is TERRIBLE hack.
  4. Only last stand and RPGs. Nothing wrong with that?
  5. I think last stand perk, RPG-7 and mines should be allowed. Thats fun things.
  6. Trouble and me? No, sorry. :)
  7. Vigilante


    Hey, how's the weather on the Bangladesh? Have a nice game man.
  8. I see you in game and you play great. Have a nice game.
  9. Dont tell yourself noob, you can always plant bomb or can try sniping on the roofs. Good luck in game!
  10. I like that guy. He is playing fair. Not camping and spawnkilling.
  11. Hello, i am Vigilante, that's my nickname. I am from Turkey. I am playing for fun, not for kills. I like cats, i have a cat. I like potatos. In the game, i like light machine guns, shotguns and some explosive stuff (Grenade, RPG-7). Backlot, Overgrown, Pipeline. I like that maps in-game. But the Crossfire map is the best for me! I hate all kind of hackers. I hate camping and spawnkilling. On the warground, my job is actually defend the bomb area or plant the bomb. I love to play support, making strategies. But i like rush too. I mostly play at night. Maybe, i play on morning too. ☺️
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