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  1. feeling down??? hear this song ... its soooo awesome it was released on cricket world cup 2019 which is about to end in a duel between newzealand vs england im with newzealand who r u supporting ??
  2. kashanraider69

    Counting Game

    oh well i wwas waiting till 69 but ....sadly xd 56
  3. kashanraider69


    wsssap wishy xddd miss u mani bhaaai xddd ❤️❤️ come backs ❤️ how is ur bro abbas
  4. ❤️ xd cat that is
  5. kashanraider69


    hi all watsap i was wondering that csgo is a prettty popular game so i bet there must be ppl here who play csgo too including me..... so i though i would ask u ur steam names ...so if i sometimes cross u in a game .. u know ...so i could add as a friend lately.. by the way im a silver xddd peace !!
  6. ty my man u 2 ❤️
  7. welcome hottie ❤️ 😄 HAVE A GOOD TIME
  8. umm hi do u guys have a discord??? if some one does plz give me link or if u dont how about u make one to voice chat in game??
  9. awwwwe that was so intense xddddd i like the new b3 btw
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