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  1. Thank you @piko, @Segria , @MetalUpYerAss😊😊
  2. Missing our Super boss Kevin and Duck admin matches 😊😊 Call of Duty 4 sniper kills.mp4
  3. Hi All, We can live stream our matches and tournament matches..Like other games..?
  4. Welcome back sir 😊😊
  5. Welcome back😊😊
  6. Welcome back 😊😊
  7. Hii Everyone, I am Ashish Purty . IGN name : |HAX|LuThEr . Hobby is to play COD 4 , PUBG (big noob πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) don't trust on me while you playing PUBG game with me because...I am only healing support member...Killing spray is like noob... Very happy to see you all my friends and all admins . I hope I can help my new comer friends..😊😊
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