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    Hey, since my first suggestion worked I came up with another one πŸ˜„ So as you guys can see our b3 bot is the very default one. So if we can add plugins (such as ipban, xlrstats, anti-curse, etc.) and our old levels (0-2-10-40-60-80-100) back that would be great. Maybe others are not that necessary but we need ipban so bad. I hope kevin can do it for us. Kind poops, Metalass.
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    Hello guys, this simple test shows you if you are a noob or not. Enjoy the test, and don't be shy about sharing your result. This test has 1 question and a bonus. Enjoy. 1. Are you @eXe ? If your answer is "Yes" your result is -------------------> here. If your answer is "No" your result is --------------------> here. **BONUS : click on me
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    Hi it's araf I am from Bangladesh. I am not happy to do this from the start Thank you Your faithfully Araf
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    Hey guys! Most of you do know who I am, a noob who plays Cod4 SnD and I am playing this game now since late 2015- early 2016 with a year break in 2017-mid 2018 and i came back just because I’ve seen some promod players on yt so i thought I could play again and see what happened. Turns out that after 2-3 years lot has changed. Sincerely harunoe
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    Already banned, but thanks anyway ^^
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    not only wh but aim also
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    Hi guys hope you all are fine I wanna tell that I will be busy for some time and will not available in the game but I will active here πŸ™‚
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    Ty Mr Gopnik but I’m playing now for half a year πŸ˜€
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    ya i would like to second on that point and add one more :- we need a crossfire hc server with b3
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    Usually the notice is used only if you think someone uses any kind of hack .But unfortunately it does not work.If you think someone is hacking, you can make a report here ; http://dwarea.com/index.php?/forum/7-ban-report/, the only way now. Greeting
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    I can see what happens if ff on.. 80% of players will tempbanned for abusing it πŸ™„
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    Umm yes he hacks he is also a ban evader :) but thank you for the report
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    In-Game Name: IllIIl (sometimes it's IIIIIII sometimes it s lIlI) Client ID: idkServer: DW S&DDate & Time: 21/06/2019Reason & Proof : i have a video The youtube videos's link
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    He is banned, Thank you for report
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    You knew what is going to happen every time he wrote 'pl' :D
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    Lol, you got yourself a fan I see. So come join -=DW=- servers, we would like to ban you also 😁 !ban akiyo ididntlikeyourhairandyoukillmeeverytimewhichmakesmerage
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    Welcome and enjoy your stay here
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    Hey guy's how are you all i'm Randy Detera a.k.a. -=DW=-OUCH. still dsame a father of two annoying kids and a crazy husband. mostly active in FFA,TDM HC Crossfire and Crossfire night...πŸ˜‰
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    Hello user, Are you new here? Don't be shy, say something about you and let us know you better. Remember not to post any sensitive personal information! Best Regards DW Team
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