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  2. @Vigilante Don’t post comments here. @MONGCHAW demos are not accepted i guess
  3. Friendly Fire is a fun thing. And adds realism to the game. It should be actived when admins online in-game. I know, its a reason for abuse but its damn funny. Should think that.
  4. There is should Player tags for people. The ''Online'' tag is not looking cool. -Vigilante
  5. I watched the video, and this is TERRIBLE hack.
  6. Only last stand and RPGs. Nothing wrong with that?
  7. Same guy today at 1:30 I was there as I finished recording him he left i have a solid 3 demo full of hsi wh Red Admins please notice ;)
  8. In-Game Name:MALDYTO 15 JNRSClient ID:Server:dw search and destroy serverDate & Time:in 2019/19/07 at 4:58 A.MReason & Proof:https://youtu.be/bc6qXL8eBRQ
  9. Mr.SounD

    Kiyan cheats

    In-Game Name:KiyanClient ID:Server:dw search and destroy serverDate & Time:in 2019/19/07 at 4:00 A.MReason & Proof:https://youtu.be/JlSouRFMGlY
  10. i was in his/her team and didnt hear any uav and etc
  11. Yesterday
  12. MetalUpYerAss


    It is probably "!testscore" command you are talking about. Usage is like this; !testscore <client> - It shows how much skill points you will get if you kill the player. Since we don't track stats (for now), it does nothing.
  13. Need longer videos, cant tell by 1 kill each. Could have had uav etc
  14. Mr.SounD


    guys did u see the command !tests when u typed !help in dw servers i typed !test but it seems that it didn't work what does it do?
  15. In-Game Name:adriClient ID:Server:dw search and destroy serverDate & Time:in 2019/18/07 at 4:38Reason & Proof: https://youtu.be/arTU5j6VBKU
  16. In-Game Name:R4DiKToXiCxClient ID:Server:dw search and destroy Date & Time:in 2019/18/07 at 3:33 A.MReason & Proof:
  17. So you cool with last stand? @akiyo πŸ˜„
  18. Last week
  19. Good to have you KOBA, see you on the battlefield.
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