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  2. Intro

    @I'm Slow welcome to the DW Forums! Have fun!
  3. thanks for the support guys  and thanks for making me a member 

  4. Intro

    @IAV4K, fine bro
  5. thanks @iav4k and @don bro and all admins and all members to support me and love you all and i will give my best guys 

  6. Im Back

    welcome bro i am waiting to play with you
  7. Today
  8. :heart:

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    2. cute REAPER

      cute REAPER

      love you all who helped me for my membership from there blessings 

    3. cute REAPER

      cute REAPER

      @KashanRaider I dont forget you bro

    4. Rebel


      congrats  bro 

  9. Im Back

  10. Im Back

    Hi all.. as u people know i was inactive in game bcz i was bored playing cod4 so i tried many other games..but now im back.. n now ill be active in game..n more active on forums.. hope to see u in game....
  11. he-man - WH

    I also can't find him in the db,i think b3 was down If he returns to the server we'll Get him Thanks for the Report
  12. Back in 2013, I found out how to edit demo files. I learned that demo files are easy but time consuming. Probably why I stopped doing them, lol. Well, here is a video I found from back then...
  13. he-man - WH

    In-Game Name: he-man Client ID: Unknown (can't find on player list) Server: HC Crossfire Date & Time: 6-14-2018 at 10:25pm Reason & Proof:
  14. Intro

    And Welcome Don't worry i am slow too
  15. Intro

    oh any ways welcome bro
  16. call of duty 4 Pls unban me

    @BlueTiger I see no bans on this GUID, please try to reconnect. http://dwarea.com/clientdetails.php?id=74185
  17. Intro

    @KashanRaider I'm not in MN clan
  18. which team you support in fifa

    Me too
  19. which team you support in fifa

    me tooo
  20. Intro

    hi MN | SLOW |a enjoyur stay in here and as well as in games
  21. call of duty 4 Pls unban me

    In-Game name when banned: |HAX|TIGER Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): 512ff646 Server: DW=PROMOD LIVE V2 Ban Length/Time Remaining: I Dont know Why should you be unbanned: i am no hacking any but i chat in promod in he is afk .BUT IDK TO NOT ALLOWED TO CHAT
  22. Intro

  23. Intro

    Tnx all
  24. call of duty 4 BANEAD

    @darkar1170 Please read these topics.
  25. @Benjaxxa Please read this topic, we need your GUID.
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