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  2. Introduction

    I had Caught you with that name! Forgot abt it!!
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  4. USERX Wallhack

    He was banned tonight for WH
  5. hola dome hermanita quiero ablar con tigo por favor


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    2. te amo linda <3

      te amo linda <3

      yo te amo mucho te quiero mucho te adoro mucho te adoro mucho <3 

    3. te amo linda <3

      te amo linda <3

      por favor dome hermanita contestame

    4. te amo linda <3

      te amo linda <3

      dome hermanita estoy sufriendo por dentro por favor 

      si no quieres conestar ponme algo por favor hermanita dome

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  7. USERX Wallhack

    In-Game Name: USERX Server: =DW=- HardCore Crossfire 24/7 By WWW.DWAREA.COM, Date & Time: 25.4.18 12:25 AM Reason & Proof: See the video His GUID: 344fc7e1 The GUID itself is cracked, but clean (PBbans & GGC-Stream). Pretty obvious in my opinion. Especially when he looked through the walls with the c4 in hand.
  8. Introduction

    Welcome to the forums
  9. Introduction

    ahhahahaha that was me btw didnt u see i changed it back to my name
  10. call of duty 4 VPN & Proxy Blocked

    why you guys use this dangerous desies as a joke in everything ?
  11. Birthday <3

    Thanks budd @GOODNIGHT
  12. Birthday <3

    Aww thank you
  13. Birthday <3

    Thanks police
  14. Birthday <3

  15. Birthday <3

    Thanks bro.
  16. Introduction

    welcome little boy love you ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
  17. call of duty 4 VPN & Proxy Blocked

    At least, we wont get cancer too much from those hackers eh ?
  18. call of duty 4 VPN & Proxy Blocked

    Hello, i need you B3 id or u guid please.
  19. Raspberry PI

    I think that here must be anyone knowing about Raspberry pi If some one is interested on that subject please notify me because i want help for something based on raspberry
  20. Introduction

    welcome bro!
  21. Introduction

    Welcome To The Forums..
  22. Introduction

  23. Introduction

    Welcome, Tissue!!!
  24. Introduction

    Hi Bro !! Welcome to the Forums! and BtW Is ur In-game name TissuePaper?
  25. Introduction

    Welcome to the forum Abbas in Uzbekistan we also have name Abbas, but with letter "o" (Abbos)
  26. Introduction

    Hey all my real name is Abbas but my name in game is tissue welcome me <3 DW servers are pretty awesome......
  27. call of duty 4 WHITE SMOKE

    I think it happens bcz of internet connection. If it's quality down then before getting CI you can see some kind of smoke balls with fire in it and thick smoke cloud on the ground in some places. Exactly that thick one makes you fps down if you come close to it. But if you do not approach it closely and go around the other side, then your ping will stay notmal
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