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  2. Ban for offencive language

    I never use headphone so is imposible, i don't know why ban me. my friends plays with me and they no were ban, i don't understand. please help i wana play.
  3. Ban

    Ban to use two times Prestige? B3 ID: @ 1163
  4. Yesterday
  5. Ban offencive lenguage?

    @DaricrackxD What's Your GUID? Please read THiS TOPiC And THiS TOPiC
  6. Ban offencive lenguage?

    ayer por la tarde me conecte lo mas tranquilo al servidor y andube jugando bastante con unos amigos,pero luego intente entrar devuelta a la noche y me aparecio que estaba baneado temporalmente con insultar cuando nunca insulte ni nada de eso me gustaria que me ayudaran a solucionar esto,gracias!! =)
  7. Gun power

    same problem here my bullits dont work
  8. what fils do i need to instal for the new  ffa.


  9. -=DW=- Zombie Intro

    look at that cheat nice skills
  10. if I talk about the camera at the end of the round
  11. Here are Mongchaw with the white t-shirt  and pmk with the black one n guess who's the other one.            @mongchaw


  12. The level of your zombies)

    46/5000 Какой у вас уровень в зомби режиме? У меня 8)) Каков ваш уровень в режиме зомби? У меня есть 8)) 46/5000
  13. -=DW=- Zombie Intro

    hahahaha Top ^^ ps: !Duck comand is awesome ahahah xD
  14. Gun power

    I seem to be the one easy to kill. lol
  15. Gun power

    i think there is a bug...sometimes is easier to kill someone and others very hard!!
  16. Gun power

    Any admin able to answer the query?
  17. Legend Dont Need Finall KillCam .
  18. if you are talking about Final kill cam, this came up a lot of times and i believe @Kevin is working on it.. it will be available again soon or he will give us a reason why its not available..
  19. Bad day for this guy L*o*L VID-20171204-WA0000.mp4
  20. final death chamber in search and destroy

    he means that the round killcam
  21. -=DW=- Zombie Intro

    lol this server does show up on my list
  22. -=DW=- Zombie Intro

    omg im in love..... with your skill not you
  23. -=DW=- Zombie Intro

    Wow @DucK cool
  24. New Zombie Server

    Nice @kevin
  25. New Zombie Server

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