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  2. call of duty 4 I AM BANNED PLEASE HELP

    @EnSaR Please Read These Topics.
  3. call of duty 4 [LV]KicKer

    It's a Cracked Key. @DoN Unless It Was Kicker Who You Banned or this guy We can Close this Ban Appeal.
  4. call of duty 4 Why

    @Persian Please Read These Topics And Give Us the Required Information.
  5. call of duty 4 [LV]KicKer

    @DoN ...
  6. Today
  7. call of duty 4 [LV]KicKer

    I was kicked and banned for telling someone i got you again ?!? I don't understand what's wrong with what i said ? Reason to be kicked is personal talking that what i saw Username [LV]KicKer Guid: 4d00dfdd
  8. Insult from -=DW=-pascal

    I think @Macedonian you are a false person, don't get us around.. creating fake accounts.. You insulted him too, don't feel to be in the right side. @pascal This behaviour is not what an admin need to demostrate to the other players, i think you must say sorry for first. You guys need to calm down, insulting someone specially a DW admin is a bad thing to do, tell him "hope your mother ..." you just paid a ticket for the ban list. @pascal Just wrong the misures of his actions, i think he replied with his feelings and not by our scale of punishments. Yes thats not justifies his phrase, its a bad thing to say.. There is someone in old clan that lost a friend with a canser. But goddam you insulted his mother (Please pass me this expression). Please guys, ask sorry both for first. Finish the grudge inside you. Staff wil discuss it.
  9. call of duty 4 Why

    Why Im Baned? Pls Tell Me Server : -=DW=- All Maps By WWW
  10. i like smokes....:pcatching-cannabis-smoke.gif

  11. Member!

    @FIDAZ you have to follow this to become a member.
  12. Wake Up With...........

    Determination  :Top^^:

    Go To Bed With.............

    Satisfaction :Smilingblusheed:

    1. ĦεяØι¢


      wise words from a wise man ;)

  13. Member!

    AM fidaz am a very old player in this server .i want to become a member .maybe you guys accept me as a member .:D
  14. Break!

    Thank you all!!!
  15. Yesterday
  16. Break!

    Hope to see you back soon
  17. call of duty 4 Ban

    Unbanned closed.
  18. no recoil

    He is my brother and he was sitting just on my right... Not even one chance of hacking.
  19. signature

    @redtiger copy the gif and paste it there
  20. no recoil

    Hard to say with lag.. lets put him in watch list pupu i mean @IAV4K
  21. About me.

    i will join the airforce too bro
  22. no recoil

    It's difficult to tell when the video is laggy After watching the video several times , I find it inconclusive and hence : No ban We will put him on the watch list Noob?..... I mean Don ?
  23. no recoil

    I see recoil, even tho the video was laggy and he was hipfire like 2/3 of the video But if you see at 0.39 when he shoots at the 2. floor you can see it @DoN @IAV4K
  24. If we don't end war, war will end us.

    1. redtiger


      it's not up to us sometimes!!

    2. GhostReaper


      Well sometime in near future anything can happen.



      All warfare is based on Deception 

  25. Its not admin abuse , its a misunderstanding with some spicy talk on both end

    1. ĦεяØι¢


      i don't think so...

      they were abusing so hard specially macedonia!

      but pascal also did not do good he also started being a racist :p

    2. pascal
  26. no recoil

    In-Game Name: DW|Te0DaP Server: Crossfire Night GUID: faeb0e5b Date & Time: 8:56 pm 2/21/2018 Reason & Proof:
  27. Break!

    Me too brata from 22/2/18 to 19/3/18 btw good luck
  28. Break!

    Just focus on your study my friend were just here...
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