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    khair mubarak browh
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  5. call of duty 4 Ban Appeals

    Please. get me ban appeal Pls I have not done anything wrong really (I just want to play)
  6. call of duty 4 i am in ban

    İD; w22 the opponent shoots from the wall without seeing the player. I told the admin after I had eaten ban
  7. Brazil!


    1. KashanRaider



      i  my  opinion is with  argentina  OR SAUDIA ARAB  OR germany 

      tho gl for SAUDIA ARABIA  they lost 0-5 to russia  :Disappoint:

    2. LyNx


      Im with Portugal!:Banana:

    3. KashanRaider


      @LyNx  u r choosing portugal cuz  it had ronaldo i wish messi   leads argentina to victory  

      it will b great if ronaldo faces messi 

      who will u guys vote?? messi  OR ronaldo  ??

  8. call of duty 4 Please unban me

    Stop spamming ban appeals And read these and reply HERE
  9. call of duty 4 Please unban me

    Please unban be

    Whait your ban expires.
  11. Tnx @BlueTiger And @cute REAPER
  12. Hope you guys enjoy iw3mp_2018-06-17_13-20-49-417.mp4
  13. Master wh

    Banned for aimbot. Thanks.
  14. Master wh

    In-game name: master server: DW Promod Live v2 Time: 17/06/2018 0:23 my time Reason & proof:
  15. Introduction

  16. call of duty 4 EzaquielPB Baned

    @EpicWin There are no bans on this GUID, try to reconnect. http://dwarea.com/clientdetails.php?id=82880
  17. Introduction

    Welcome to the forums
  18. Last week
  19. call of duty 4 Ban appeal

    @[Chule]BySneck your GUID/Key code is being used by many players so it will impossible to find out whether u were banned or someone else was
  20. Introduction

    Thnx bro
  21. Introduction

  22. Introduction

    welcome to the forums....
  23. call of duty 4 EzaquielPB Baned

    In-Game name when banned:EzaquielPB GUID:466e72a0 Server:S&D Ban Length/Time Remaining:Undefined Why should you be unbanned I want to play again
  24. call of duty 4 Ban appeal

    [Chule]BySneck 50a15a0a No appear of the ban length I didnt do anything bad, the server just banned me
  25. call of duty 4 Game Ban

    I do not know why.
  26. call of duty 4 TempBanned

    Tempban for 1 day
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