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  2. New Zombie Server

    Look like the Zombie server is so perfect now
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  4. New Zombie Server

    Update: Added an anti jump script Added an anti camping script The server stats are separate from our other servers, you can use the command !stats or you have to go to your B3 profile. You now have the opportunity to use a zombie banner in your signiature, you have to go to your B3 profile.
  5. Guid

    Hello, People, I do not know why you do not show me. My GUID I need help is to be taken out in Ban Help Help

    Like mw2, you rank up more, insted of just lvl 55, you can rank up that much 10 more times
  7. ban appeal

    @|DoraemoN| You're Not Banned. Try Again.
  8. ban appeal

    9050c6f9 MY GUID
  9. Hi, finaly got the chance to sign up!!!!

    2. MaesTRo


      How can I make cod 4 fps?
  10. why midcore?

    i don't know man....can you fix this bug?
  11. why midcore?

    and now?.
  12. why midcore?

    ok now is too hard to kill someone lol...i need to knife him 2 times to die!!!i think it's a bug
  13. why midcore?

  14. why midcore?

    i still die too easy kevin...are you sure is the same as before?
  15. why midcore?

  16. why midcore?

    maybe the damage of the weapon is increased i don't know but something seems changed!!!
  17. why midcore?

    Okay oh i was the guy that told him the midcore bug
  18. why midcore?

    Nope either all of us are hypnotized or the changes has affect the health brother
  19. why midcore?

    I will change something, tell me if it works on the next map
  20. why midcore?

    The players are complaining that it takes longer to kill other players in Hardcore Crossfire, maybe they don't know how to shoot
  21. why midcore?

    The servers are kinda like sf Cf but the bullets more bullets are taken to kill a player..
  22. why midcore?

    Nah this is no possible the health no changed.
  23. why midcore?

    team deathmatch softcore all maps and softcore only crossfire!!i'm 100 % sure that is different now...i play everyday there!!i kill and get killed easier now!!
  24. why midcore?

    I do not understand what you mean, the life of the players did not change, can you tell me on which server?
  25. why midcore?

    i kill and get killed easier than before...that came with the new changes!!a guy yesterday told me that is gonna be midcore!!i play in softcore team deathmatch all maps and it seems defferent!!!
  26. why midcore?

    He is saying that the server is a mix of hardcore and softcore
  27. why midcore?

    ??? midcore? pls send more infos
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